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Topic: Everyone holding up okay? (55 msgs / 1165 lines)
1) From: Paul Jolly
We're halfway through the dead weeks...hoping
that all have plenty of greens stashed away to
get them through one more week.
Do You Yahoo!?
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2) From: Dan Bollinger
Premium beans aren't in short supply.  My guess is that they buy lower
quality beans and burn them so we can't tell just how poor the quality is.
Makes for a large profit margin.
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3) From: Bruce Harlick
I got my order in just under the wire, and it arrived yesterday. A good
thing, as I had exhauted my bean supply on Friday. I came very close to
running out of home roast (the espresso martini party we had on Saturday
did NOT help things) but I am in good shape.
I'm looking forward to the one day UPS shipping time from Tom and
Maria's new place to mine.
Bruce Harlick
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4) From: Dan Bollinger
Well, they don't really make the ice cream.  More than likely they contract
with a company like Edy's in Indianapolis to make their private labeled
products.  I doubt if Starbucks even makes the coffee concentrate they use
as flavoring!  Edy's used to make half of the Ben & Jerry's line until B&J
built their new plant in NH.  Dan
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5) From: John Roche
on 8/21/02 8:57 PM, Bruce Harlick at foxbat wrote:
I missed where they are moving, your post indicates it's not just down the
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6) From: Bruce Harlick
They are moving to Emeryville, CA, which is between Oakland and
Berkeley. I live in San Jose, CA, which is about an hour away. Pretty
Bruce Harlick
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7) From: John Roche
on 8/22/02 12:51 AM, Bruce Harlick at foxbat wrote:
Damn, that puts them a hell of a lot farther from my Brooklyn digs. I had no
idea they were moving out of state. Did Tom give info as to why? I was no
mail for a few months on homeroast. The wife? The climate? Malabar Gold?
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8) From: Dan Bollinger
It's already history.  :(  
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9) From: Dan Bollinger
Good theory.  Anyway of learning if that is true?  I think consumers would
want to know that.
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10) From: Scott and Michele
Aside from having a strange urge to keep checking to see if I have enough, I
think I am ok.  I have more than a month's supply but I  feel like I am
flying without a net.
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11) From: Ted Kostek
I thought I would be OK,  but it's looking a little dicey.  One of the local
grocery stores sells green beans, but they are more expensive than SM plus
they don't have the quality assurance.  Still, that's preferable to my other
Speaking of alternatives, does anyone know *why* Starbucks roasts so dark?
When I drink their stuff anymore the burnt flavor is right in my face.  My
wife (who doesn't drink coffee) speculated that they can't get good beans in
the massive quantities they need, and so they need to hide the flavor by
Ted Kostek
765 494 2146 (desk)
765 494 1489 (engine room)
765 494 0787 (fax)
"Always keep in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important
than any other thing."  Abraham Lincoln
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12) From: Alpha Apso
Dan Bollinger wrote:
Grocery store roasted beans are much better than Starbucks.  SB DOES make great
ice-cream though!  They ought to stop peddling their burnt beans and stick to
ice-cream IMHO!
For the conservation of the Tibetan Lhasa Apso,
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13) From: Marc Testa
So there will no longer be a Sweet Maria's in Ohio??

14) From: Bruce Harlick
From what I understand, Tom is returning home, which was the reason for
the move. He (or Maria -- one of them) is from that area or lived in
that area previously.
With any luck, Sweet Marias will open their doors in their new place and
Tom will firm up his deal with UPS for cheap 2-day shipping and no one
will suffer undue coffee delivery delays.
Bruce Harlick
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15) From: Bruce Harlick
From what I understand, Tom is returning home, which was the reason for
the move. He (or Maria -- one of them) is from that area or lived in
that area previously.
With any luck, Sweet Marias will open their doors in their new place and
Tom will firm up his deal with UPS for cheap 2-day shipping and no one
will suffer undue coffee delivery delays.
Bruce Harlick
Freelance writer, editor, game designerhttp://www.newblackboard.comICQ #4166560

16) From: kfarney
My theory has always been that Starbucks buys up roasted coffee that is 
a little aged, puts a couple more degrees of roast on the coffee to 
freshen it up, and sells it as gourmet coffee.  Probably isn't actually 
what happens, but it makes me feel better about why their coffee tastes 
so lousy.
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17) From: Gary Zimmerman
kfarney wrote:
Well, since they're a business, presumably they'll do whatever sells.  I 
think most folks buying at Starbucks are there for the cachet, not really 
the coffee.  It's amusing to see them drinking burnt (IMHO) coffee and 
raving about how much better it is than their office coffee - it's just 
burnt and stronger.
But that's what a lot of folks have come to think of a "gourmet" 
coffee.  They think it's supposed to taste like that.  We've had many 
discussions on this list about how, frequently, people like that think OUR 
coffee is bad or weak or roasted too lightly.
Bottom line: if there was a real, financially-visible demand for 
non-charred coffee, Starbucks would be there.  But right now they're doing 
just fine, thank you, so why would they change a winning formula?  Give 'em 
what they apparently want.
About the only thing that would move *$s to try lighter, better roasts 
would be to open a competing chain that does well and has a reputation for 
roasting lighter.  Starbucks would be there in a minute (or would simply 
buy out the competitor).
-- garyZ
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18) From: John Abbott
On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 13:50, Gary Zimmerman wrote:
[snip - marketing lesson]
	I totally agree with "being there for the Cachet."  People use
Starbucks as an identification as much as those folks who wore the
alligator on the sweaters and socks. Its a status symbol to have an
empty Starbucks cup in your trash can - or desk. It is a way of saying
"I drink gourmet - and you don't"  And what's so sad is they would
probably buy good coffee if it were offered.  I've often wondered how
many straight shots *$ actually sell versus adulterated drinks. I'm
wondering if CSA doesn't need a recovering *$ group.
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19) From: Rick Farris
Scott wrote:
I try to keep a year's supply of the coffees that I consider staples (A year
total, not a year of each.  I think that would be tough, even being a CSA
sucker.)  Then each month I place an order for whatever is in vogue that
month, or to replenish my supplies.  I mere two-week shutdown is no hardship
to me, but like you, I keep checking.  :-)
I *am* getting dangerously low on Chemex filters, though.  I might have to
shift back over to espresso...  ;-)
-- Rick
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20) From: Dan Bollinger
Fifty 1/2#'ers?  Sounds like a good time to play with blending!
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21) From: Dan Bollinger
You make a good point.  And, in my town of 50,000 we have two Starbucks, a
handfull of coffee shops and one that roasts their own.  Starbucks is like
McDonald's always in a good location, handy access, you know what to expect
and the restrooms are clean.  ;)
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22) From: Les & Becky
The Midwest is a great place to be FROM!  The Bay area or Ohio?  That is a
no-brainer!!!  I have not had to shovel snow for 12 years, and the evening
cool off really nice!  We go from June - mid Sept. with little or no rain!
It doesn't get much better than the West Coast IMHO.
Roasting in S. Oregon
P.S. I will give you the fact that mid-west folks are more friendly.

23) From: Dan Bollinger
As goes America, so goes the world.  How many foreign *$s are there?
A few years ago I spoke with an exec at the marketing company Coca-Cola uses
in Chicago.  She said that India was "thirsty"; a euphemism that India was
Coke's next export target.
There are over 2000 different grape varietals in Italy.  They are being lost
forever because growers are replanting the 'terrific twelve'.  Merlot is now
being grown in northern Italy and exported to the US.  It is mediocre in
quality, but people recognize the name.  Too bad, Nebbiolo is great.  Italy
is the most wine exporting country in recent years, they are bowing to
market pressure.
Will that happen to coffee growers too?  Is the interest in Specialty Coffee
unconsciously altering what growers harvest?  Will everything end up being
Kona or Bluee Mountain?
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24) From: John Abbott
   Well having lived in both places, I can tell you that when they ask
you "what's shaking" it doesn't mean the same thing? :O) 
   And as far as cool nights go, we have that down here on the border
too, its already down to 94F and its only 7:30pm. 
John - loving life in the slow lane. 
On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 18:55, Les & Becky wrote: 
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25) From: JKG

26) From: Ed Needham
I had two doubles in a Starbucks in Louisville this week, and enjoyed them
thoroughly.  Sweet, smooth, and thick.  No burnt, overroasted flavor at all.
It was pulled on a beautiful La Marzocco machine and they honored my request
to pull a 2 ounce double.  I do have to admit though, that the taste,
although pleasant, was very simplistic.  Not any complexity at all.
Definitely better than most shots I get in the wild.
Ed Needham

27) From: Andrew Thomas
--- "Ed Needham"  wrote:
"in the wild" (chuckle) I like that.
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28) From: Andrew Thomas
Yup, holding up okay. I'm pretty well fixed for greens for a few weeks. The only snag, for me, is that I scored a great Chemex pot at a thrift store ($2.75) and I can't order filters from Sweet Maria's yet. But that's okay, I can be patient. It is a hand-blown 6-cupper, very sturdy, thick glass. Can't wait to try it. Well ... yes, I CAN wait. I'm a patient person.
Andy "are we there yet?" Thomas
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29) From: Ed Needham
Don't buy the brown, unbleached filters.  They taste and smell like old
cardboard or a paper grocery sack.  You can occasionally get filters at
gourmet kitchen retail shops.  Might be worth a look to have to not wait for
Tom to get set up and "find' his Chemex filters to ship to you.
Ed Needham

30) From: Les & Becky
Well John Abbott formerly known as John from or wandering in the Deep
The only tornadoes I have seen have been in the bathtub, and we don't have
those nasty hurricanes either!  Don't you get some of those nasty white
balls falling out of the sky with bright flashes and loud noises too!
To stay on topic, I roasted my last batch of Guatemalan yesterday, and my
stash has many half pounders in it!  However, I am sure I still have over 50
P.S. The Myrtle Creek airport is now French field.  (Named after Eustace
French a famous aeronautical engineer from the Apollo program.  He was one
of my Hospice patients, and a very interesting individual.)  I was down
there last week with my son flying model airplanes.  My son John went with
me.  I don't think I will ever be able to afford the real thing!  I may have
to introduce the club to coffee snobbery!  I really liked the hot-top
reports, and would enjoy a short summary review of the three roasters you
played with at about the same time.  I really don't care about specifics in
the roasters, but am interested in the end result differences.  I really do
like my fluid bed roasters, and am interested in how method affects flavor.
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31) From: Les & Becky
I lived in Arcadia, Wisconsin before moving back to the West Coast.  I do
miss the people, and I agree with you on the point that the mid-west is a
great place to raise kids.  However, I don't live in the Bay area, and don't
think I ever would!  All kidding aside, considering 9/11 is just around the
corner, any place in the USA is a great place to live.  I often wonder about
the Yemen people that harvest our wonderful coffee, and the life they live,
or the reports of poor prices in Central and South America.  On a more
positive note, a friend who is a missionary in New Guinea reports that
coffee has pulled the tribe he works with out of absolute poverty.  I just
hope our demand for quality and a willingness to pay a little more gets to
the farmers and laborers.
Roasting in S. Oregon

32) From: Rick Farris
You know, I don't understand you guys badmouthing Starbucks.  First, they
are well known for using quality coffee.  If Tom was here, I'm sure he'd
tell you that.  They were the first place I heard of the Fair Trade thing.
In addition, maybe some of you have been home-roasting for more than ten
years, but ten years ago when I first tasted Starbucks, it was *way* better
than anything else I'd been drinking, including most "coffee houses."
I remember in 1996 when I returned after spending six months in Cardiff,
Wales, I borrowed money (err...perhaps "begged" would be a better
description of the transaction...) from a stranger in the LA airport just so
that I could get myself some coffee from the Starbucks in the airport, just
outside of the international arrivals gate.  I was really starved for
something better than the swill that passes for coffee in most of the UK.
I agree that those of us in this forum have moved well beyond Starbucks, but
for Joe Folgers, Starbucks is still far better than their home brew.  Tell
me this: if you didn't home roast, and if you didn't live in a major
metropolis where are you going to find coffee products better than you can
get at any Starbucks?
-- Rick
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33) From: Jack Berry
The homogenization of America continues....

34) From: John Abbott
  Yep, I'm still in Deep Southern Texas!  And Yep, we get some bad nasty
stuff from the sky - but it doesn't accumulate like snow and all signs
are gone in minutes. The only time thinks shake though is when the
border patrol makes a low pass.
  The joy of roasting overcasts the results with all three roasters. I
have found some interesting differences in the final product from each
of the three,four if you count FR and FR+ - Caffe Rosto and HotTop. Each
has a contribution to make. The FR was my primary roaster and the one
that I developed most bean profiles.  The FR+ produced a darker roast
over a shorter cycle. The quality of the finished cup was better in most
   Scott was kind enough to send me his Caffe Rosto and I ran about a
dozen roasts with it.  Using Mike M's patented Rocky Rosto technique I
was able to get a good medium roast and a great Full City. The body of
the cup was a little flat in the lighter roasts, but was very present in
the darker roasts. I now understand Tom's admonition to use the Rosto on
dark roasts.
   The HotTop clearly produces the best roast. We have logged 58 roasts
with it and each one was a winner. Granted it took awhile to really get
the feel of the machine. But with the viewing window and the 17 minute
roasting cycle one has ample control over the final product. After only
a half dozen roasts, I committed the ISH and ran a load through. The
strongest cue was the smell. It had us drooling before it dumped into
the cooling tray. It was hard but we let it rest for two days - and then
had the best coffee I've ever had! EVER!
   A long while back on the list there was a discussion about the
differences between fast and slow roasts (or FR vs Alp) and I just
didn't get it. I was comparing MY FR roast to what I could buy and knew
it was better. But now that I have access to both, I really believe that
slow is better.
   We've had so many "god-shots" in the past couple of weeks that we've
come to expect it in every shot.  My non-espresso wife now starts every
morning with an Americano and the Bong - er - Cona Vac sits up on the
shelf and pouts. 
   I've discovered that slow roast doesn't stay fresh as long as faster
roasts - but the coffee is so great that it doesn't figure into the
formula in this house.
John - deep southern Texas, have to take my Mom to the doctor. Its a
follow up - we came VERY close to losing her and this routine visit is
as much for me as her.
Happy cupping
On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 01:48, Les & Becky wrote:
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35) From: Alpha Apso
Rick Farris wrote:
I don't know where you get your *$s from Rick.  I used to buy roasted beans at
my local grocery.  Not fresh, but OK.  One day my husband brought home a big bag
of Starbucks beans which we brewed up, thinking it must be good.  It was awful!
Black. burnt and thoroughly unpleasant! Later tried a small bag, guaranteed by
the store to be fresh - same flat, burnt taste.  Then started getting roasted
beans from a place in NYC called Shapira's - same people that wrote a good book
"The Story of Coffee and Tea".  This, though a dark roast, was superb!  When
they went out of business, I tried various coffees - and again Starbucks - still
awful!  That is when my kids bought me a roaster, and I have lived happily ever,
after thanks to SM.
For the conservation of the Tibetan Lhasa Apso,
Regards, Cathy http://lists.sweetmarias.com/mailman/listinfo/homeroast">http://www.lhasa-apso.orghomeroast mailing listhttp://lists.sweetmarias.com/mailman/listinfo/homeroast

36) From: kfarney
Agreed. As much as I dislike $tarbuck$ coffee, it is better than 80% of 
the many outlets that serve coffee (incl. 7-11, McDonalds, etc.)  I at 
least can count on it being hot and usually made properly - that said, 
it still tastes like charcoal and coffee mixed together.
Eagerly anticipating Sweet Maria's triumphant return.
Rick Farris wrote:
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37) From: David Westebbe
On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, Gary Zimmerman wrote:
That is amusing.  But what is sad is that it is likely true...
They came intot he Boston market, and instead of competing with Coffee
Connection, they bought them for a LOT more $ than they were worth, and
closed them down.  CC used to roast each varietal to bring out the
varietal qualities.  They were fanatics about quality and freshness.
I used to go the the local store on my way to work.  I'd get there around
7:30, every Wedsnesday, which is a day they always got in a new shipment.
They would search through the shipping crates for a bag of what I wanted,
even when I protested that any of the 5 they had already dug out would be
fine.  They would insist on opening the less-than-24-hour-old bag for me,
even when they had plenty of 4-day-old beans in the hopper.
They knew I could tell the difference, because they could too.
I hate Starbucks.  I'll never forgive them for shutting down Coffee
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38) From: David Westebbe
On 22 Aug 2002, John Abbott wrote:
I had a half-hour to kill yesterday before a meeting.  I went into the *$
in the Steaming Kettle Building in Boston, just outside the Govewrnment
Center T stop.
I ordered a double espresso.  I called to the Barrista "Can you make that
a Ristretto?".  She said sure, no problem.  One of the other waitrons
asked her if she knew what that meant and she replied that she did, but
then joked (?) that she'd say that even if she didn't.
I got it in a big paper cup.  I took one sip, and it was AWFUL.  Sour and
bitter.  I went back to the counter, and told them that I didn't want to
to be a pain in the ass, but the shot was so bad I didn't really want to
drink it.  The one who asked if the first knew what a ristretto was
offered to meke me a new shot.  She asked how long I wanted it to pour.  I
told her that if she cold pour 1.5 ounces in around 23 seconds, that would
be great.
She replied that 23 seconds was a long shot, and did I really mean that?
I told her thanks, but could I just have a Frappacino instead? She was
relieved, and happily filled up a cup with the premade milkshake shit.
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39) From: Les & Becky
Thanks for the follow-up report.  I guess there may be an Alps in my future
or maybe a Hottop if they get the bugs worked out.  I had a wonderful cup of
ISH this a.m.  It is hard to believe that it can get any better!  But I will
take your word for it.
Roasting in S. Oregon
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40) From: John Abbott
 Although I had to study them, I never believed in a fetish until I had
a cup of hottop roasted ISH. It was all I could think about for days.OK
- I'm still thinking about it. Ordered more from the Island - so I'll be
set to go by ummmm say Christmas :O)
On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 14:31, Les & Becky wrote:
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41) From: David Westebbe
On Fri, 23 Aug 2002, Ed Needham wrote:
What is the difference between Chemex filters and standard filters?
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42) From: Dan Bollinger
Not me.  My first venture into great coffee was at Caribou Coffee houses in
Atlanta when I was traveling there on business.  Their house blend is very
nice.  I have no idea what their espresso are like.
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43) From: Michael Vanecek
Cute story.
Unfortunantly, excellence simply cannot be expected here in the states 
in a service industry that pays minimum wage. A good barista is 
virtually non-existent here - what quality barista would work for 
minimum wage, and what corporate espresso service would pay more for 
what they think as a kid who serves coffee? The culture of coffee seems 
to be severely lacking.
My clients are consistently amazed at my simple black brewed coffee - 
jaws simply drop when they taste it. Nothing outstanding to me, since 
I'm used to that kind of quality. It's like they were totally oblivious 
that quality coffee existed.
The thing is - it seems that to stay good, one must stay small and be 
private. Once you go public or take on investors, share-holders become 
priority and not customers - and the bottom line becomes God. Out goes 
the expensive but very qualified baristas and in comes the kids and 
button pushers with their little manual but no comprehension on why or 
how. Out goes the meticulous testing of coffees to achieve that perfect 
roast, and out goes the individual shop roaster and in comes the bulk 
roasters and less control on quality and more willingness to cut corners 
banking that the consumer won't notice. Every new chain shop that opens 
focuses on quantity served and not quality.
Believe it or not - there was a time when Starbucks was honestly a high 
quality shop to go to. Same with virtually every other small 
establishments. Nowadays, Starbucks is just another "Burger King" chain 
IMHO - and that's a real shame. I think we bash Starbucks because we 
know at one time they were really good and now they're not - and not 
only are they not, they're doing their best to put other small shops out 
of business - regardless of quality. The Microsoft of the coffee service 
world. If you browse through the history of posts here - it is apparent 
that our best experiences in a coffee shop was with a small family owned 
shop over on the corner.
Too bad my business is computers - I may open a coffee shop here. :) 
Heck - it can happen. I always keep a pot and and my Gaggia warmed up at 
the front of my shop. I haven't pushed it, but perhaps with just a 
little nudging...
Perhaps that is why Tom is doing so well - we know better and take the 
time to learn it ourselves. Once you have a taste of the good stuff - 
either accidentally at one of these service places by a kid who paid 
more attention, or overseas, or at a small mon-n-pop shop, how can we 
but roast and brew our own? Nothing else comes close...
David Westebbe wrote:
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44) From: Gary Zimmerman
Michael Vanecek wrote:
This is so true of so many things in this country nowadays.  It's just 
sad.  "My responsibility is to the stockholders" has become the biggest 
cop-out used by the greedy and immoral of late in this country.  Capitalism 
and the pursuit of money can be a great motivator and an engine of true 
progress, but left unchecked, it can also do a lot of harm.
Probably true, of necessity.  They're not in it for the pride of making 
great coffee; they're in it to make money.  Luckily, there will always be 
some folks, like Tom and some independent coffee shop owners, who DO care 
about quality above all else.  They love "turning people on" to what coffee 
can be.  Many of them probably won't stay in business too long, 
unfortunately, but some do.  They're precious gems.  Support them, now and 
then, even if you roast your own.
Unfortunately, that's how our society defines "success" all too 
often.  McDonalds and Starbucks are certainly successful.  And, in a free 
and capitalist country, we have only the people who patronize these places 
to blame.  You can't expect Starbucks or McDonalds or Microsoft to do 
anything else.
If you do, you'll have most folks on this list visiting you!
Spread the word, and it will slowly and quietly snowball.
-- garyZ
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45) From: Michael Vanecek
Yer telling me. I'm down to a couple of weeks of Ugandan Budadiri and 
perhaps a week of Kona. For me, that's cutting it very close. And to 
think that Tom is going to be busy unpacking and getting settled in and 
all that - and having to fill our panic orders too. I wonder if there's 
a way we can prioritize our orders to him so those who are just plain 
completely out get served first before those of us with perhaps some 
stray beans left here and there...
Dan Bollinger wrote:
-- http://dotfile.net/- Dedicated to Open Source Software
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46) From: Michael Vanecek
Well, I've finally got some help and am bringing in some educational 
workstations that could easily double as internet stations - perhaps in 
time I'll finally have an excuse to get me that Diedrich I've been 
drooling over and a commercial espresso machine - one of the classic, 
shiny ones - not the "modern" push-button ones. Yech... Hee - I almost 
got be a manual lever action machine. That would have been neat.
Dan Bollinger wrote:
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47) From: Gary Zimmerman
Michael Vanecek wrote:
Those of us with spare beans could always scalp- er, I mean sell them to 
our friends on the list at a slight profit, of course.  Just how thirsty 
ARE you, hmmmmm?...
-- garyZ
(none to spare, unfortunately)
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48) From: Dan Bollinger
They say do what you do best.  So, why not open an internet cafe!?   ;)
When I travel, the first two things I look for is the nearest Pub and
Internet Cafe.  :)
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49) From: Dan Bollinger
It's starting to get dicey!  I'm running low on beans and I'm starting to
make some VERY strange blends! Monsooned Malabar/Kopi Luwak/MokaKhadir
blend.  Made a nice Mokka/Java blend using 7 different beans!  It took that
many bags of remnants just to get two 83g roast batches!  I may have to get
that bag of pre-roasted stuff someone gave me.    You know the
stuff, the oh-so-carefully designed label that sells the sizzle instead of
the steak.  I think I'll be OK.  I still have that 2# bag of La Berlina in
reserve. All I can say is, "TTTOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!"
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50) From: John Abbott
   In a dyer emergency, you "could" buy some stale roasted whole beans
from a local vendor (say Larry?) and mix a blend of your fresh roast
with it... just to get through the shut-down and the two days to get it
shipped up.  I'm already into the "save for give away" stash. I've got
plenty of CRLM 
and Kenyan, but my stock has all kinds of empty containers now. Funny
how just two weeks of shutdown can effect us like this.
On Wed, 2002-08-28 at 18:54, Dan Bollinger wrote:
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51) From: John Abbott
I remember the Java Roaster - If you're pulling espresso shots it was
good - his was good. But not for brewing a pot.
On Fri, 2002-08-30 at 06:09, Dan Bollinger wrote:
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52) From: Charlie Herlihy
--- John Abbott  wrote:
 And I thought that in a "Dyer emergency" you ground green beans
and yelled at everyone ;o)
 Charlie (I know, I'm very bad)
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53) From: John Abbott
Very good! Grinding greens was the click for me.
And You were always bad - but about the right things. 
John - liked San Antonio - CLEAN city.
On Thu, 2002-08-29 at 19:49, Charlie Herlihy wrote:
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54) From: Ed Needham
The paper purity and quality is better in the Chemex white filters.  Run of
the mill filters for drip are usually pretty basic, and can impart a taste.
Chemex filters originally were made from paper similar to (or the same as)
scientific filter paper.  I have done some basic tests of filters soaking
them in a glass of water for 30 minutes and tasting the water, compared to
plain (filtered) water and compared to other filters.  Chemex brown was
really hasty.  Grocery sack nasty.  Chemex white left not discernable taste
in the water.  An old lot of Chemex filters I bought on Ebay had a hint of
musty flavor in the water after 30 minutes, but I know it is from the aged
paper (probably 30 years old).  I couldn't detect it in the brewed pot, but
they even had a slight hint of a musty (old book) smell.  New Chemex filters
were fine though.
Ed Needhamhttp://www.homeroaster.comed

55) From: Dan Bollinger
Good idea, John.  It looks like I'm going tol make it.  My backup is the
coffee house up the hill that roasts his own.  His name is Pete Walker, you
might remember him John.  He started the Java Roaster downtown.  Not an
artisinal roaster, I think he learned how to roast from Charbucks.  ;(
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