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1) From: Brian Ray
hi folks - when the thread speculating on where the bulk of st helena is 
sold was developing, it occurred to me that we could easily get the 
definitive answer from the source.  here it is:
^From: D.Henry-St.Helena-Coffee (David Henry)
Dear Brian,
Thank you for your kind comments, and interest in my company.
I hope that you will accept my apologies for the delay in reply. I have
been out of action most of this year and am currently working from hospital,
hence even more behind on correspondance than usual.
To try and answer your questions. I sell my coffee in green form either
retail or trade on a global basis, mainly to a prestigous Cafe in the UK,
also in Denmark, and to other buyers in Asia and Europe. In the USA only
Tom at Sweet Marias buys commercial green bean from me.
Demand is between 50 to 60 times my output and all of my coffee except for
that reserved for direct retail web sales is pre sold.
The demand for retail web site green bean sales direct from my web site
www.st-helena-coffee have been astonishing, with exceptiionally high repeat
customers and wonderful feedback.
Un fortunately approx 68% of my coffee crop was not harvested last season as
although approximately a third of the islanders are unemployed the local
governments excessive social security system encourages people not to seek
employment, even 15 year old school children get paid to go to school here
by government, so this year in order to try and harvest my coffee crop I am
importing labor (if the authorities here will permit it which they are not
keen to do) from South Africa. This entails transporting the labor on a
cruise ship for 5 days each way. plus full board, accomodation and such.
Although my coffee is probably the most expensive in the world I feel fully
justified because it is unsurpassed in quality and its uniqueness.
Hopefully this year we will suceed in harvesting a larger percentage of the
crop and finally manage to cover annual overheads. I do not think that I
will recoup the investment for at least another 15 years.
Pure passion goes into producing coffee from The Island of St Helena Coffee
Company and when I recieve comments such as yours and your friends they are
very much appreciated by my loyal staff and myself.
I plan to add an extra page to the site with comments from customers, and
would appreciate if you be willing to permit me to use yours ?
If you need to contact me please continue with this email address or tel +
290 2500 and the hospital receptionist will place you to me.
Please forward my best wishes to Tom if you see him.
With Kind Regards,
David R. Henry
Chief Executive^
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2) From: Les & Becky
Thanks Brian,
David's email confirms my suspicions and lends weight to my great idea,  I
really think we should have a CSA u-pick field trip to St. Helena at harvest
time!  I wonder what David Henry would think?
Roasting and dreaming in S. Oregon

3) From: Gary Zimmerman
Maybe we should organize a field trip or "working vacation" to help Mr. 
Henry.  We could pay our own fares, so he wouldn't need to pay cruise ship 
room and board, and we could take our pay in greenbeans instead of 
greenbacks... (but not so much that we'd hurt his business).  But maybe by 
not being professional harvesters we'd be more trouble than we're worth. 
Dunno - never picked beans before.
It's a real shame that the coffee business is so risky and uncertain for 
the growers, and that there are so many middlemen and investors to 
complicate things even further.
-- garyZ
Brian Ray wrote:
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4) From: Eric B. Stauffer
Reminds me of many wineries in California where people slave away all day
picking grapes for the privilege of saying they helped with the harvest!
On Fri, 23 Aug 2002, Les & Becky wrote:
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5) From: John Abbott
   Great Idea - but if we call it a mission trip, we can get our friends
and neighbors to help pay the trip expenses.  I mean think about it - a
mission trip to Saint Helena - even sounds like a mission.  I'd go just
to add credibility to the group. My problem is that I'd probably fall in
love with the place and want to stay and my kids would hate me for
moving their Mom so far away.
On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 15:16, Gary Zimmerman wrote:
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6) From: Les & Becky
Well, Gang,  I couldn't take this news laying down. (68% on the ground and
not in my stash! :-(  I don't know if my forward will go through, but I
looked up the official government web page of St. Helena and I sent a
concerned e-mail to the governer, David Hollamby.  It is a bit early yet to
tell if my message will come through to the group, and if it doesn't I will
copy it and send it.  It might help David Henry, if we all told the governer
how great the coffee is from the island.
Roasting in S. Oregon

7) From: Dan Bollinger
Read your letter, Les.  Well put.  Hopefully something good will come of it.
If I was governor, I'd make the able bodied people all work in the fields a
few hours before they could collect there checks.  I don't see any reason
why there isn't some form of exchange.
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8) From: Dan Bollinger
Had some of Tom's French Roast Blend roasted to...  French Roast!
Delicious. Used the HWP with the washer out.  It had rested two-three days.
Brewed it in a press pot.
Chocolately, tobacco flavors, extremely high body, almost chewey! Long,
butterscotch finish.
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