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Topic: Americanos & Cafe' Cremas again! (7 msgs / 258 lines)
1) From: Mike McGinness
After 9 days at the kite festival and brewing nothing but French Press it's
great to be back with Miss Silvia! I'm convinced I need another travel
brewing method before our next out of town trip. I'll definitely be checking
out the small electric moka pot style brewers soon. It's interesting, before
I started brewing at home almost exclusively with Miss Silvia I always liked
the brew produced from French Pressing. But now, it's way too thin and
missing many of the complexities that come through with an Americano or
Cafe' Crema of the exact same bean/roast/rest at the same bean to water
ratio. The first thing I brewed when we got home was a 6oz pull in 25sec of
18gr ISH City (435f in 11min). Way better than the same ISH same roast
French Pressed.
Oh, the 12 vac' sealed pint jars of 12 different beans held up great.
Brought vac sealer with too. (as well as our own water, hot pot, Maestro
etc...) Sipping a 12day old roast that we didn't finish: Americano of Panama
Finca Maunier 02 (kept vac sealed at all times of course), wonderful. Far
superior to 3 day rest French Press even.
Yesterday morning, our last day at the Shelburne Inn, I had a great time
making two FP's of Costa Rican (50/50 LaMinita & Miel mixed) for others at
the table. Our personal pot was JBM Old Tavern 01... Each morning I gave a
cup of whatever pot I made for us to take to David's wonderful gourmet
breakfast to David (Chef & Inn owner). We've developed a great friendship
the past four years. Earlier in the week gave him a bottle of the white
chocolate kona mochas I brought with me (made up 9 Sobe' bottles for the
trip...) he loved it and says I could easily get $5 a 20oz bottle. But then
it'd be work!
I knew when we fell in love with the Shelburne Inn it was something special.
I just learned they're listed in the top 25 Inns World Wide! Staying there
is a great annual treat to ourselves. It does ruin it for staying at other
B&B's though...
Debi's says I'm ignoring her so time to go.
And of course within an hour of getting home yesterday evening beans were a
Home Ju-Ju Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting in Vancouver, WA USA
Thankfully back to Grindin' & Brewin' with Solis Maestro & Miss Silvia
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2) From: John Abbott
Geez Mike - I felt bad about taking the FP and a couple of vac bags of
coffee I ground tonight just for the trip. We usually buy what ever
water they have in the machine to brew. Somebody has GOT to design a
portable Coffee bar!
You were just a mile or two from one of my favorite things in all the
Northwest - Ilwaco - and the salmon boats. I thought you'd gone off to
Japan for their insane festival. I'll bet the coast was beautiful this
time of the year.  As many times as we've gone out of Ilwaco we always
drove down from Bellevue and on rare occasion stayed the night in a
motel near the pier, didn't even know paradise was so close.
Gotta hit the highway in six hours - time to shower and hit the sack.
Good cupping!!
On Tue, 2002-08-27 at 22:19, Mike McGinness wrote:
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3) From: Les & Becky
Welcome back to the list Mike!  Happy Birthday John!  I never thought that
pulling shots would be my preferred method of brewing.  I still like vac
pot.  If I want to drive the office crazy, I use my small F.P. and smell the
place up with wonderful coffee aromas.  Mike, which Taeger did you get?  I
am in serious negotiations with them on a BBQ!  My daughter is going to be
here for a few days, and I am looking forward to pulling her some shots.
She hasn't visited since I got my espresso machine.  She was a barista for
*$ for about a year.  Just to please her, I went a little darker than my
normal roasts on the Mocha Kadir blend and some CR Orsa that I had left in
the stash.  The stash is holding up fine, I think I have enough to get me
through the year!
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4) From: R.N.Kyle
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Nice to have you back Mike, missed your postings, glad to hear you and =
your wife had such a great time, and sharing things with friends is so =
Ron Kyle
a coffee roaster from South Carolina

5) From: Charlie Herlihy
 Welcome Back Mike. My wife just picked up a nice little French
Press, never used, at a thrift shop and I also noticed that
after Cafe Cremas for the last coupla months the FP coffee did
not seem nearly so rich as it used to. You were right on about
the Solis 5k never making a god shot of espresso, but Cafe
Cremas that never fail to satisfy, any time you're in the mood
for one (at least 10 times a day) are a real, fat, luxury.  
Last weekend I brought the FP and a fire place popcorn popper to
a friend's wedding that was held at a remote (beautifull!)
campground and roasted for everyone (all 100 of them) and was
the hit of the party. No resting needed when fresh roasted over
a camp fireespecially for the cowboy style pots.   It would have
been nice to have had some kites :o)
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6) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
Charlie wrote:
"...you were right on about the  Solis 5k never making a god shot of
I have zero experience with super-automatics.  However, a friend (who is NOT
on the Internet and buys roasted coffee from a local micro-roaster) asked
for advice about buying the Solis 5k or a similar machines. They like
espressos, rarely cappuccino, and almost never anything diluted with more
milk or water.
Is it CSA's consensus that a super-automatic is NOT a good choice if it will
be used mainly for espresso making?
Regards, Lubos
I realize that strictly speaking this question does not belong into the
"+Americanos & Cafe' Cremas again!" subject, but I did not want to start
another thread.
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7) From: Rick Farris
Lubos wrote:
Absolutely.  The sweet spots for espresso making seem to be either Silvia
and Rocky entry level, or at the high end, Livia and Mazzer Mini.  See
CoffeeGeek for details.
-- Rick
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