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Topic: Roasted bean cooling advice? (5 msgs / 110 lines)
1) From: John Abbott
     The cooling cycle on the FR brings them down pretty quickly.  For a
long time I used a frozen collendar and dumped them into that as soon as the
roast cycle finished (no cooling) but actually prefered the less complex
method of just letting the FR cool them.  The beans roasted in larger loads
tend to hold in the heat and require some external help.  The new drum
roaster dumps the beans into a tray that is stirred and has air blowing up
through them, and has them to room temperature in about 4 minutes (about the
cooling cycle on the FR).
      You will get a lot of strong postions on this - but my choice is to
let the FR cool them.
John - loving life in the slow lane

2) From: Steve McKinney
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I'm pretty new at this (2 weeks roasting with FR+) and have a question
about cooling my roasted beans.  I know it isn't desirable to have the
beans stay hot for too long after roasting.  However is the object to
bring them down to room temperature as quickly as possible (for
instance, throw them in the freezer for a few minutes), or is a more
gentle cooling to be desired?  Any facts / opinions on this (or is it

3) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Steve McKinney" 
I'd suspect that letting the FR+ run through it's cooling cycle, hence
slightly extending the beans actual roasting time, will give a wee bit more
body & complexity than removing the beans after roast completion and speed
cooling. Not much, but a little. From my experience and palate, this
(letting the FR+ run it's cooling cycle) would be a good thing for FR+ fast
roasting method. (Too fast for proper flavor development IMNSHO!) I suggest
try the same bean same roast using different cooling methods and then decide
which method YOU prefer. After all, that's the only taste that counts!
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4) From: Steven Van Dyke
I agree with the others about letting the FR+ complete its cooling cycle.
I've got an original FR and the beans are cool enough to hold in your hand
afterwards, although still rather warm.  You might want to do what I'm using
for a cooler on my 'Turbo Crazy' roaster - an ungodly conglomeration of a
popcorn popper and air oven.  Iv'e got a little box fan that can be rotated
to point straight up (it's a Honeywell I got at Wal-Mart that can be
wall-mounted).  I dump the beans into a large strainer I got at the Chinese
grocery (great place for gadgets) and shake/swirl them in the blast from the
fan.  They're cool to the touch in just a couple of minutes.
Steve :->
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5) From: daottman
Cooling is important, check the archives from just a couple of weeks ago when we had a big discussion on cooling.  Basically, for the quantities we're doing, cooling with adequate airflow is fine.  Toss the beans in a basket in front of a fan, spread them out on a cookie sheet, or pour them from one colander to another to cool them.  
The freezer is probably "dangerous" to the flavor of your batch of very dry, fresh-roasted beans due to the possibility of introducing moisture.  Welcome, and good luck.
Anthony Ottman
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