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1) From: John Abbott
Still waiting to hear back from the pastor of the church where I'll be
preaching. They had a target of early October, but its a church committee
I used to drive from San Francisco to Oakland at 4:45 every morning, and
returning about 2pm. The Folgers roasters were right at the West end of the
bridge. In the winter months the hot exhaust would form a fog across the
road. Still smelled like coffee but was now hazardous. Schillings was also
right next to them and the aroma blends were amazing. The California clean
air laws shut down all the exhaust and another landmark bit the dust.
Folgers wouldn't allow visitors - hard hat area and all. So I'd love to do a
commercial venture too. Looking forward to the trip to Boilermaker territory

2) From: Ed Needham
Sounds good to me.  A commercial roaster that knows how to write a paragraph
like that has to be doing something right.
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3) From: Eric B. Stauffer
They are at 52nd Street & Monon trail -- about two mins from Cath. I'd love
to get a tour and tasting!
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4) From: Dan Bollinger
Hubbard & Craven roasters in Indianapolis (very close to our own Eric
Staufer) claim to be a 'single origin' roaster.  They probably provide the
beans for the better restaurants and most of the coffee shops in town.
The do a roast they call a Maduro roast.  From the descriptions is sound
like a long, Full City roast.  Here is what they say on their website:
"Hubbard & Cravens passionately roasts single origin and blend coffees in
gas fired batch roasters, evenly developing the beans without exposing them
to contact with flames.
Each single origin coffee has it's own unique characteristic and nuances of
flavor. Bringing them out requires an artful touch, skilled judgement and
well-trained eyes and ears. Subtle variations in the roast time, temperature
and airflow allow the roaster to take each coffee to its peak of flavor.
Hubbard & Cravens roasts our coffees to our exclusive Maduro roast. It's a
slower, more demanding roast that stops at the exact point at which the
sour-tasting acids have been roasted out, but bitter flavors haven't
appeared. That gives the beans a deeper, heartier flavor and a rich chestnut
color, as opposed to the cinnamon brown color common with commercial roasts.
For the final step in the roasting process, we air cool our beans (instead
of the money saving quench method used by commercial coffee roasters). Then,
to ensure freshness, we hand pack them within two hours in special nitrogen
flushed valve packages that let gases from the beans escape without allowing
air to reach them."http://www.hubbardandcravens.com/main/main.htmlEric, Ed and John,  when we meet up we ought to take a tour of this place!
They have a cupping room. Let's see how the big-boys do it.   Dan
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5) From: Dan Bollinger
We drove by accidently, checking out the neighborhood, while waiting for
Mother's to open. Nice facility, looks like they built it themselves.  It
would be fun to see a full-scale roaster.  As a kid, I used to go with my
Dad or brother to see manufacturing facilities.  Better than any field trip
the school had!  I'll make the arrangements once we know when John is coming
up to El Norte.  Dan
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