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Topic: One HotTop Fixed!! (6 msgs / 307 lines)
1) From: John Abbott
Ah man life is good again!  I took the HotTop into the workshop and shimmed
the motor until everything ran smoothly - no rubbing - no noise.  Then
satisfied that it was aligned I completely reassembled it and tried it again
and it sounded so smooth I had to look to see if it was revolving.  So I
unplugged it and cleaned up the work area and put tools away.  Five full
minutes after I unplugged it, there was a loud snap from inside. It was the
exit hatch closing. Five minutes without power?   So I took it apart ONE
MORE TIME and sure enough the solenoid was sticking and that answered my
second problem of how the beans were getting under the drum.
So I've run a couple of batches while I nervously watched - everything
worked perfectly!  I'm a happy roaster again!  I forwarded my find on the
solenoid to Baratza to forward to the folks in Taiwan.
Happy Cupping!
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2) From: John Abbott
The solenoid was dry and the swivel had a coffee patina built up on it. 
The control on the roast is excellent. There are seven preloaded profiles,
with each being a bit longer. If you were to put all the data together you
would have a profile that pretty close to the following:
3:30 - 4:40   Beans beans begin to emit an odor (wet hay)
6:00            Beans begin to turn tan
7:00 - 8:00   smoke begins to smell (a little pastry baking)
9:30            Beans go light brown
14:00 - 16:30 First Crack
17:00 - 18:00 second crack
Final roast depends on bean and degree desired.
However if you aim a step low, then you have the ability to add 1:30 to the
The Profile for ISH on a setting of 5 was:
2:38  fist bean cracks
4:13  another bean or two cracks
14:45  first crack begins
16:05  end of first crack
17:00 second crack begins
17:40 beans dump
Beans were dark brown with a couple of oil spots that disappeared when it
This was the absolute best roast I had ever done.  The people who tasted it
raved for hours (then I realized serving it was a mistake - everything else
will be lower in taste).  I have roasted about 30 roasts now and they were
each wonderful - except for one that I aborted.
Hope this gives you an idea.

3) From: John Abbott
orry Floyd, lost you in the incoming mail.
Cleaning the trap isn't complicated and can be done from inside the chamber
when the drum is removed. I think what I experienced was the fact that
because it didn't close properly it was a heat release and carried a lot of
junk out with it. There was a small amount on the inside of the motor
chamber which makes me feel that was what took place. At any rate, I've done
8 roasts since I did the fix and its running a smoothly as one would want. 

4) From: floyd burton
John-I assume from your post a solenoid controls the exit hatch-did you find
out what was making it stick?  Also keep us informed as to how much control
you have over the roast.  How long till you get to first and second crack.
Hope it works well-really want one.
thanks again

5) From: floyd burton
So I assume you have enough control with the HotTop to get this long roast
profile with an ambient temp of 75 degrees F and also you could get a
similiar roast profile in 45 degree F ambient temp.  Yeah I too now really
prefer the flavor of beans roasted with the below profile.  The mellow
flavor is not masked by the sharpness as produced in the shorter roasts I am
now getting due to roasting with my HWP in 60+F ambient temps.
Any ideas for keeping the patina problem at bay-clean I guess.
Thanks again

6) From: Dan Bollinger
I don't think what's going on is masked mellowness.  That implies that the
mellowness was there all along; but I don't think so based on what I've read
about coffee chemistry. I think the acids decompose during the longer
roasting period yielding the mellower flavor.  In other words, the
'brightness' becomes the 'mellowness'; not the brightness disappears
revealing the mellow flavors.
You can produce mellower roasts in your HWP by removing the 1/2" washer
under the roasting chamber's dispersion post.
Here's what you can expect:
With washer in place and the dial set 7.0, you will get a Full City+ roast
over 9 minutes.
With the washer removed and the dial set at 10.0, you will get a Full City
roast over  14 minutes.
The difference in flavor is noticeable.
hope this helps, Dan
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