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1) From: John Abbott
BRUCE!!  You're my hero of the day!!  Great site - greater service!
Well then you had to go blow your new hero status by rubbing your fast
service!!  I'm still waiting on my order placed on Monday to show up on t=
UPS tracking system!!

2) From: Mike & Tonya Connell
Seattle's plan for a 10-cents-per-cup tax to finance education expenses has
espresso drinkers jittery
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3) From: John Abbott
I'm so glad I didn't say that :O))
On Wed, 2002-09-04 at 22:15, Mike & Tonya Connell wrote:
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4) From: Mike & Tonya Connell
I found the whole article now, just saw the blurb below on CNNhttp://archives.seattletimes.nwsource.com/cgi-bin/texis.cgi/web/vortex/display?slug=espressotax04m&date 020904&query=coffee

5) From: Bruce Harlick
I don't know if this ever came up on this mailing list, but when you
have really long URLs you want to post, you might want to try usinghttp://makeashorterlink.com/index.phpFor example, the link below would be
http://makeashorterlink.com/?M171224B1With Make a Shorter Link. It is a free service, and pretty nifty.
On a coffee note, I just got my first order from Sweet Maria's new
location. Oh, nice and fast! I know it sucks for you people out there on
the East Coast, but for us Bay Area people, it is great!
Bruce Harlick
Freelance writer, editor, game designerhttp://www.newblackboard.comICQ #4166560

6) From: Bruce Harlick
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I'm not sure if my order ever made it on to the UPS tracking system; it
just arrived. It was timely; I was completely out of Java, Sulawesi, and
several other vital greens!
Bruce Harlick
Freelance writer, editor, game designerhttp://www.newblackboard.com 
ICQ #4166560

7) From: Michael Vanecek
Oh thanks - I feel much better. I placed mine Tuesday (shame on me for 
missing Monday) and it isn't in the UPS tracking. Guess that UPS stuff 
is still boxed up. :) But, man, I'm gettin' close. Very close...
Bruce Harlick wrote:
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