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Topic: Starbucks Barista Grinder/Solis Maestro (7 msgs / 146 lines)
1) From: Ted Booth
Has anyone else encountered problems with this machine?  I'm on my second
unit, the first one was replaced by Starbucks in early May after 15 months
of use.   At the time of replacement it probably took three to four times
as long to grind the same amount of beans as when the unit was new.  I
would say that within six weeks of receiving the replacement unit the time
to grind the allotted amount of beans had doubled.  By the end of three
months and some, I'm back to where I was before the original machine was
Several posts I've read in the past mentioned cleaning the burrs by running
through a small amount of rice.  I did this once and it seemed to make the
problem much worse.  Others have mentioned using rolled oats.  This seems
to have little effect. Any other ideas?
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2) From: Adam Jahiel
Hi Ted,
My experience with the Starbucks Barista Grinder/Solis Mulino, is exactly 
the same as what you are describing with your Maestro. And here I thought 
that the Maestro unit was supposed to be the answer to my Mulino problems. 
I have cleaned mine,  brushed it, air compressed it, trimmed the anti 
static trap flap to make it looser, tapped, hit, banged, shook, pushed the 
beans in manually, and cursed. Quite a bit actually.  I think that it is a 
universal problem, that should not exist when you spend $100.00 for a grinder.
In the coffegeek website reviews, (dare I mention another site here?) one 
gentleman wrote, as a subject caption, the following for a Solis 177 
machine "Solis 177/Mulino: Excellent grinder, *not* to be confused with 
Starbucks unit" . Maybe there are several units with the same designation?
On the other hand, folks seem to love the Mazzer Mini - that sells for 
around $400.00. I can't believe a coffee grinder could cost that much, but 
as I look back, I have gone through a number of less expensive, crappy 
ones. Maybe that is in my future, with all the $$ I'll save roasting my own 
beans from Tom & Maria...
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3) From: Al Raden
I've been using a Solis 166 for 2-1/2 years now, grinding for espresso, 
with no problems.  I had thought the Barista was the equivalent of the 
166, and that the Maestro is an exclusive Solis product.
- al r.
Adam Jahiel wrote:
- Al Raden

4) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
are you by any chance grinding some flavored coffee?  I understand those
beans often destroy burr grinders. That might be one of the many reasons why
stores have a separate grinder for "real" coffee and another grinder for the
flavored stuff.
Regards, Lubos.
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5) From: jim jordan
Ted-I have no answers but I do have the same problem
with the Starbuck burr grinder.  Mornings at my house
used to be symphonies of coordinated action.  I would
start the grinder and while it ground, do the rest of
the stuff to get a pot of coffee going. The grinder
would finish just when everything else was ready. 
Beautiful!  Now it takes about three times as long for
the grinder to get enough coffee ground. I spend a
couple of minutes grumbling and grousing.  I have
tried minute rice, vacuuming, turning upside down and
banging with hands and objects (ineffective but
strangely satisfying) and so forth.  The motor seems
to be running at the same speed, can it be the burrs
are shot already?(about 8 months).
Would like to hear any answers, I getting irritated
too early in the morning.  Would rather save that for
Cheers  Jim 
Go Chiefs!
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6) From: Ken Mary
Clogged burrs? If you roast oily beans, you may have to disassemble and use
a wire brush to clean them. Inspect them with a magnifying glass.
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7) From: Angelo
Have you guys actually timed the amount of time it took before compared to 
the time it now takes? Time perception with repeated tasks is quite tricky. 
When commuting to work, the first time seemed to take forever but, after 
awhile, the time SEEMS to fly -almost to the point of not remembering much 
of the trip...
My Barista seems to need a further turning of timer, but not that much that 
it's a bother.
BTW, if those of you who bought the Solis 166 would have bought the 
Starbucks model, you would have :
1) Possibly gotten it much cheaper due to sales (got mine for $68 w/tax) 
vs. $125 for the Solis
2) Possibly not had to pay $25 for the burrs..The young lady sent me a new 
burr gratis when I enquired about the price...This, after owning it for 
at  least 2 yrs.
If I ever have the choice of buying a product which is Starbucks branded, 
or from the original manufacturer, i will always go with SB. Their coffee 
may be crap, but their service and replacement policy is excellent....YMMV :-)
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