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1) From: John Abbott
One must exercise caution when one is searching for a product.  I thought I
d dash right out and check out the Super Jolly that The Scarlet Wombat
recommended  http://makeashorterlink.com/?E29E529B1  Yeah, I'm betting that baby will grind raw beans!!
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2) From: Simpson
That is actually the new model, the Super Hilarity.

3) From: The Scarlet Wombat
Yup, my wife needed some copper colored glitter for her artwork, so I 
dropped a hopper full of pre 1982 pennies in the Super Jolly and got her 
the glitter.
Not really, but the unit is heavy, very solid and you surely feel  as if it 
could grind raw beans, reinforced concrete and even a few asteroids.
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4) From:
Thanks Jim, that's the best laugh I've had all day (even with Tylenol, I can
only get my fever down to 99.8).
Do you think viruses propagate over news lists too? ;)
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5) From: TFisher511
I am really glad I upgraded to the Norton Rx virus protection for just that 
reason. McAfee got so totally constipated last week that I couldn't even 
accept cookies, Temp Internet files or load Sweetmarias site and just about 
had a breakdown. I doubt that it was caffeine related:-)
Terry F

6) From: Ed Needham
No, human viruses can't get through my anti-virus program either.  But I'll
be happy to share a dropping Kidney stone with you, and say the Tylenol 4's
can't touch the pain.  Finally got relief from Loritabs (sp?) and I think the
stone must be out of the kidney and into the bladder maybe.  No pain today
though.  No passed stone either.
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