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Topic: Further on HotTop Availability (6 msgs / 256 lines)
1) From: John Abbott
That would be "alienation of affections"  Which once was a good court cas=
Now it might just get some good smiles.

2) From: Mark Prince
At 10:12 AM 11/09/2002, Chris Beck wrote:
I'm walking a very fine line here - between a level of confidentiality that 
is expected of me by Baratza, and especially Kyra Kennedy, but also to try 
and get the correct info out there on this roaster.
Here's what I think it's safe to say without abusing any confidences:
Baratza is currently on hold as far as importing the roaster until it 
passes UL and they are shown the official docs / certs, whatever. For them, 
this is a must. My understanding is this - at one point HT claimed it was 
UL approved; at another point they said it was in the process of being 
approved. They are now saying it is being resubmitted, due to some addl' 
In addition, Baratza is concerned about the heat issues on the outside of 
the roaster. Many, many ideas have been floated around, but so far the only 
offered solutions have not given them the confidence to import the product. 
Given the nature of the US legal situation, I would have to agree with 
them. Baratza is not a large company - one or two lawsuits would ruin them, 
and before someone jumps in on the "get insurance" thing, they've looked 
into it.
Third, the roaster is, in my humble opinion, not yet ready for prime time. 
Much of the work in the past few months has resulted in more of a "stop 
gap" fix than any permanent retooling or permanent re-engineering.
I currently do not have a lot of confidence in the circuit board or 
programming used in such in the current-build models. Based on discussions 
with HT, I believe the real reason they aren't putting an unlimited "plus" 
function is because the board they've chosen will not allow it (they 
haven't directly said this, but when I asked directly about this point, I 
didn't get a reply). Again, a wide variety of fixes have been suggested for 
the board issues, but HT wants to stick with the current board, which means 
the suggested fixes won't take place.
I hate to disappoint the list with this news, but I don't think you'll be 
seeing the HT for retail sale anytime soon, unless another importer picks 
up the mantel and is willing to run with the risks in the current build 
model. I've been asked to take the First Look off CG, and I've done so.
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3) From: DJ Garcia
Bummer, Dude! :-( :-( :-(
Hey, could we sue them for mental cruelty? KIDDING!!
Mark Prince wrote:
I hate to disappoint the list with this news, but I don't think you'll
seeing the HT for retail sale anytime soon
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4) From: R.N.Kyle
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Thank you Mark. I do hope it makes it to the US market, It's on my wish =
Ron Kyle
a coffee roaster from South Carolina

5) From: Mark Prince
At 04:08 PM 12/09/2002, you wrote:
Yeah, I'm very disappointed in this as well :( :( :(
It is possible that another importer may come about. I haven't heard of 
any, but if Chang is saying that they believe it may come to market in 
October over here, maybe they're doing some back room dealing with another 
company, who knows.
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6) From: Simpson
Terry Z has quite a bit of experience importing and even designing
coffee related equipment. That would be an interesting company to have
an exclusive...

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