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Topic: Burlap Bags & Vacationing Brain (15 msgs / 370 lines)
1) From: John Abbott
A bad memory isn't always a bad thing - you forget hurts and bad memories. 
But a bad memory can be annoying too.  Cathy, I can't find my copy of your
blend using the Java Jampit - now that the coffee is here I was all set to
give it a whirl.
In my order were a couple of the five pound burlap bags that Tom & Maria carryhttp://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.bags.shtml  I was playing with monogram paper when they arrived so I made a logo for the bag and ironed it onto the bag.  WORKED!!   It looks just like its silk screened.  So now I can print my own bags to make them look like the large bags that the beans are imported in - and use them for Christmas presents.  Do you think people are really going to believe "Mountain Grown in Texas"  Texas Brown Estate - Hacienda La Padre.    Sounds good to me :O)
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2) From: John Abbott
You have to either A) be born an Abbott B) Born a Martin or C) married one.
After a bit of thought, I'm wondering now about the wisdom of storing
roasted beans in that porous a material.  Maybe I'll settle for a couple of
one pound vac lock bags (which is my normal shipping mode) inserted in the
burlap for appearance sake.  It really does look neat - just like the
painted bags in which they are imported. 

3) From: John Abbott
Ah yes, there goes my salivation system - drooling at the thought. OK - I=
get some roasted tonight. Thanks again.

4) From: John Abbott
The "Kits" are available at Staples, Office Depot and Best Buy (and proba=
others)   They are for making iron on decals - or Monograms.   You use an=
process you want to create the picture, the program then does a reverse o=
the image and prints it on the specially treated paper.  You put the pape=
(Image side down) on the item to receive the image and slowly iron it ont=
the surface.   HP, Avery and several folks make the papers.

5) From: John Abbott
I'm a lost cause on HTML.  We have a home network, and I run Linux most of
the time. Occasionally I'll use my wife's Windows machine - and .. well ..
There isn't any real format required other than it has to be printer in
reverse so it reads forward after its ironed. I use Broderbund's Printshop
which has a Transfer program that allows me to import add text, reverse and
John - about to get into Mike's beans.  They look good!

6) From: Dan Bollinger
5# of coffee?  Geez, how do I get on YOUR gift list?  :)

7) From: C. Marley
John Abbott wrote:
50/50 with Yemen Hirazi was wonderful.  Jampit just to the first pop of
2nd crack, and the yemen a bit darker - to a vigorous 2nd crack, but
stop it when you see the first bean with any oil on it.  The Yemen gives
the blend a deep heady aroma, and the jampit gives a round thick body. 
I just did a Jampit/Raimi blend, and could not wait - ground some still
warm from the roaster.  Even without resting it was super.
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8) From: James Gundlach
On Thursday, September 12, 2002, at 05:11 PM, C. Marley wrote:
Just tried my first shot of Cathy's blend.  Because of the move and the 
eight day shipping, it took rather long to get it and with a poor memory 
I roasted them backwards, took the Jampit well into second crack and the 
Yemen to the first hint.  Wok roasted 2/3's a pound of each.  I now 
realize I should not have blended all that I roasted.  I would like to 
know the flavor of each individually.  Come to think of it, they are 
such different beans that I could sort enough to give me a shot of 
each.  The verdict, good and complex flavor- a little bright for me - 
clearly needs a rest.  I will do the next one right.  It does produce 
the closest to a red crema of anything I have done so far.
Jim Gundlach
exercising with a Zass
while waiting for Rocky
to make it from Auburn California
to La Place, near Auburn, Alabama
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9) From: R.N.Kyle
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Hey John I'd buy some from Hacienda La Padre. and I'm sure there are =
those who would believe Mountain Grown in Texas, Heck I know some people =
who still believe Juan Valdeze hand picks coffee for Folgers. 
Ron Kyle
a coffee roaster from South Carolina

10) From: Rick Farris
John wrote
Tell me more about "monogram paper," please, John.  I ordered some 5# and
15# burlap sacks with my last order (over 25 lbs, and I *didn't* wait for
the sale!), and making my own coffee bags sounds really cool.
Tom even threw in one of his used "Diamante" sacks, gratis.  Cool.
-- Rick
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11) From: Rick Farris
John wrote (about my request for "monogram" information):
What format does the "picture" have to be in?  Do you need a scanner?
-- Rick
P.S. You're posting in HTML again.  You know *I* don't care, but it seems to
be important to you.
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12) From: EskWIRED
You can take any picture or text on your computer and print it out on
special paper, which is available at any office supply store.  If you want
it to iron-on forwards, you need to print it out backwards.  Most likely,
your printer drivers have a check box for that.
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13) From: James Gundlach
On Saturday, September 14, 2002, at 01:03 AM, Rick Farris wrote:
Any that you can print.
Scanning is just one way to get an image file.
All you need is an inkjet printer and the ability to print the image, or 
text for that matter, that you want to transfer.
Jim Gundlach
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14) From: Rick Farris
John wrote:
That's a great idea, John.  I'm in the process of converting my stash from
being stored the way they come from Sweet Maria's, to being vac'd and then
stored in burlap for protection against the light.  I'm going to make
transfers for my burlap sacks with some sort of cool logo.
I used to order Tom's logo sacks with my green beans, but because I'm now
ordering in 20-lb lots, I can't get them anymore.  And, the little 5# and
15# sacks are just soooooo cute.  :-)
-- Rick
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15) From: Charlie Herlihy
Ok, Rick, I just read your next post to SM. The Nicaraguan
organic high grown Typica--we're on the same page ;o)
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