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1) From: John Abbott
You just have to write a book. I feel like your life would make most ours
look pretty dull.
Charlie wrote:
I don't camp like that so much anymore but for 8 years of
nonstop(literally) camping  [snip]
Charlie H.
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2) From: Charlie McCullough
Those of you who go camping (I'm talking _real_ camping - not Winnebago 
roughing it ),
How/what do you use to brew your homeroast? I do a lot of long distance 
touring/camping on motorcycle (primitive/semi-primitive) and have a single 
Primus Multi-fuel stove. An electric solution is out (no generator/battery 
capability) and a vaccuum pot is too fragile (glass) and bulky for hauling 
around on a bike (space is at a premium).
Any ideas/suggestions? I hate having to use those pre-packaged coffee 
filter packs (I know it's wretched stuff but I _have_ to have my caffeine 
in the mornings/evenings). I could use a plain camp stove- type percolator 
with the metal basket but I hate having loose grounds in the cup and 
besides, I'm not often in a place where being able to wash out the 
basket/grounds after use is convenient.
Charlie McCullough
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3) From: Steve McKinney
I once saw a combo travel cup / french press but I can't remember where
anymore -- perhaps a *$?  Yes, I just checked their website and they do
indeed have such a thing, so others must as well I would presume.  Never
used one, so can't vouch for the results!
Steve McKinney

4) From: Fulton Martin
--On 9/12/02 6:15 PM -0400 charliem90 wrote:
Hi, Charlie
On my last trip, I used the Swiss Gold one-cupper, and the Zassenhaus
Turkish mill, both of which Tom sells. You need a way to measure pretty
consistently ~ 12 grams of beans; I've got a scoop that works pretty
well. It takes about 4 minutes to grind the beans, which you can do
while the water's boiling. Then wet the filter, dump in the grounds,
set it on your cup, pre-wet the grounds, put on the top and fill it
with the just-off-boiling water, cover it, and in a few minutes enjoy a
pretty good cup of coffee.
I guess the beans were getting a bit stale by the end of two weeks, but
the coffee was still way better than anything I could get in a
Fulton Martin
San Diego, CA
N32 43.956, W117 05.874
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5) From: Charlie Herlihy
--- Charlie McCullough  wrote:
 I don't camp like that so much anymore but for 8 years of
nonstop(literally) camping I used a melita system for fancy
brewing, You can buy small filter holders and filters. Pour into
a thermos or right into your cup. I used to use a couple of
chopsticks over the thermos to keep the filter holder from
tipping over.Stainless steel french press units are vailable.   
Just putting grounds in just boiled water, covering and waiting
for it to settle is what about 100 million Mexicans do and
they're happy.  You need a hand grinder. Either the expensive
ones that SM sells, or the cheapest smallest "grain mill" burr
grinder (aluminum, probably, that's what I used to use). They're
just fine for drip coffee.  Moka pots are another option. They
don't break easy and they come in small sizes.  Happy camping!
Charlie H.
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6) From: daottman
The travel cup/French Press idea would work great, I've got one.  It's from "That Place" (*$).  It seems to work better just as a FP pitcher, pouring out into a cup as-needed due to the effective thermal insulation.  (The coffee never cools to non-scalding temp.)
A plastic pour-through filter basket or the Swiss Gold one-cup brewer would probably work well with the camp stove too.  The brass Zass grinder is very portable and makes a nice grind.  Next year I'm planning to do more motorcycle touring, so am gathering appropriate coffee gear already.  Wonder about that 12V mocha pot...
Anthony Ottman
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7) From: Rick Farris
Charlie (McCullough) wrote:
Jeez, Charlie, I just plug my 12Vdc espresso pot into the cigarette lighter
adaptor on my Honda Gold Wing and a few minutes later I have a nice shot, or
perhaps a cappa, using cream from my battery operated solid-state
refrigerator.  You don't have to rough it just because you ride a
motorcycle.  :-)
-- Rick
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8) From:
On Thu, 12 Sep 2002 18:15:03 -0400
 Charlie McCullough  wrote:
Swiss gold one cup filter and some kind of hand grinder.  I
 have a turkish coffee grinder I got locally.  I use this
 setup at work, and while I'd like the coffee ground a bit
 courser, it does make a very good cup of joe, and is very
 easy to use, clean, store and schlep around.
I have a camping french press I got at REI which is make
 out of very tough clear plastic.  It makes a pretty good
 cup of coffee, but is a bit harder to clean the the Swiss
 gold one cup filter.  I wouldn't want to use it with the
 turkish coffee grinder, and the camping hand grinder I got
 at REI is useless - it took me over an hour to get enough
 grounds to make 2 cups of coffee.
Be well,
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9) From: Fulton Martin
--On 9/13/02 9:26 AM -0400 qibhom wrote:
I concur with that... I bought one of them first, and it was a waste of
money. I should have got the Zassenhaus Turkish mill right off the bat
instead of thinking the REI one would be "good enough." The directions
say something about "dancing around and shaking it," like the slowness
is some kind of feature. Grrr!
Fulton Martin
San Diego, CA
N32 43.956, W117 05.874
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