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Topic: Hottop- worst case scenario (6 msgs / 219 lines)
1) From: John Abbott
I believe you are a bit premature.  Despite what you might think (for what
ever the reason) there hasn't been any decision made about not importing the
unit. I know that there are Canadian, Netherlands and UK distributors
already lined up.  Before I took a unit directly from Taiwan, I would opt to
place an order with one of these.  The distributor in the UK is prepared to
accept orders the moment the unit is released.  They have established a
price and a warranty program.  It is that warranty program that should be
most interesting to the group.   
As slow to communicate as Chang Yeu has been, I would hate to work out a
warranty return with them.  My feeling is that if Baratza decides NOT to be
the importer for HotTops, then I'd give some consideration as to why.  Then
IF I still wanted to pursue it - I'd make contact with the UK group.
Just my thoughts.

2) From: Scott Jensen
This might be a bit premature, but what if we assume a worst case scenario,
just for the sake of planning?  If Baratza does not import the hotop, why
don't we import it ourselves?  Not for resale of course, but if enough of us
are interested, why not contact the manufacture and order however many,
direct.  We know we can import them, baratza has already done that with the
test units.  We know they can be modified to work, as  John has done to his
unit. And we could probably get a decent price if we ordered say 25 units as
a group.  Payment and shipping would have to be handled individually.
I had a Reneka shipped from France last month, there is no US importer for
this espresso mach, but I was able to wire the money and have it shipped to
the nearest international airport.  I then went down to the freight office,
in this case AA Cargo, the customs official met me there, inspected the
boxes and I paid the tariff which was about 4%.  It was that easy.
I myself would love to have one, and will certainly buy one from Tom or
Baratza if they carry them.  But if it doesn't work out I think we could
still get our hands on some.  Anyone else interested in trying this option
if worse comes to worse?
Scott Jensen
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3) From: Simpson
Yup. So far it's the only roaster that sounds like its anywhere NEAR
ready for primetime.

4) From: Bruce Harlick
I would definitely be in the market for one or two units if the worst
happened, and no one imported the Hottop into the United States. So,
count me in!
Bruce Harlick
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5) From: floyd burton
Scott-Tom didn't sell u the Techno but can you give us an idea of what u
think of it-am also planning on buying one in the next couple of months.
Any problems with damage and I assume u got the 220 volt machine.

6) From: Matthew A. Hodges
IF it came to that, I would certainly be interested in learning
--- Simpson  wrote:
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