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1) From: DJ Garcia
Lubos, David, Jeff, Gary, Deward, and everybody!
Thanks for the great feedback. As with any kind of experimentation and
exploration, it is always most instructive to vary one aspect at a time.
A basic understanding of the critical variables and how each affects the
overall process will let one react in an intuitive way when we draw that
shot. All of you are giving excellent perspectives I can draw from in my
own personal quest. Thank you so much!
The rewarding experience we get is a truly enjoyable beverage, but as
with so many things in life, getting there can be half the fun (or more
:-). Certainly this group believes that!
Are there any particular characteristics to look for about what a good
(or bad) tamp looks like AFTER the draw?
Again, thanks to all for all the great comments in this and other
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2) From: Jeffrey A. Bertoia
DJ Garcia wrote:
After a pull you should be able to knock the puck out in one piece and 
it should be
just damp an d not soupy.
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3) From: Jack Berry
The puck from my Solis 90 usually has water standing on top if I remove the
PF immediately after the pull. Is this normal?
Of course, if I it remains on the machine the water drips through.

4) From: Jeffrey A. Bertoia
Jack Berry wrote:
It is my understanding that the SL90 does not have a 3way valve (Can 
anyone confirm that?) Most
(semi) commercial machines and the silvia all have these.  This dumps 
the pressure immediately after
the pump is turned off.  In these machines the puck should be just damp 
within seconds after
If the SL90 does not have a 3 way valve then it will definately be 
wetter and this would be normal.
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5) From: Angelo
I find that even if the puck is a bit "wet" when i take it off the 
brewhead,  if I wait a couple of minutes, it will be dry enough to come out 
in one piece when I knock it......
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