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1) From: John Abbott
I'll vote from that - I'm also betting that they've got their browns all
numbered. I'll go see tomorrow.

2) From: Mark A. Chalkley
On Monday, September 16, 2002, 6:18:28 PM, you wrote:
DB> 1) #85 Agtron/SCAA Light
DB> 2) #65 Agtron/SCAA Light-Medium
DB> 3) #45 Agtron/SCAA Moderately Dark
DB> 4) #25 Agtron/SCAA Very Dark.
DB> I looked up the Roast/Agtron at Gardfoods.  They said the above Agtron
DB> colors would represent:
DB> 1) Underdeveloped, less than Straw Roast
DB> 2) Finnish Roast (before Cinnamon)
DB> 3) City
DB> 4) Italian
DB> Of these, only #3 would be of any use to me.  This doesn't look like a
DB> valuable resource.  Dan
Agreed - that's why said I wish the samples had been chosen better.
According to Davids' book, they range from the "Lightest palatable
roast" to the "darkest common roast".  Palatable is a very subjective
term, I guess.
Mark C.
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3) From: Dan Bollinger
Ah, I missed that.  I'm still looking into borrowing an Agtron set and
matching them to my Sherwin-Williams color chips.  That way we all could
have the same set of colors and for free!  :)
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4) From: James Gundlach
On Monday, September 16, 2002, at 05:31 PM, Dan Bollinger wrote:
Why don't we all just go get the brown color chips from Sherwin-Williams 
and match our ground roasts to them.  We could all have a standard that 
would let us communicate in a day or two.  The desire for the industry 
standard tiles has come up again and again but we still don't know what 
each other means when we say Full City.
Jim Gundlach
roasting with a wok while it rains
in La Place, Alabama
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5) From: Dan Bollinger
Already do!  I have the complete Designer Set with 4"x5" examples of each
color, not those tiny postage stamps at the hardware store! Being an
Industrial Designer has it's advantages.
The problem is, I'd be matching to what I thought was "City" or "Full City",
not a good idea.  I've written to Agtron and SCAA to ask if we could borrow
a set of tiles.  Dan
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6) From: Gary Zimmerman
I've been using the imperfect color plates on the back inside cover of 
Davids' book for a couple of years to judge my roasts, very 
generally.  We've had discussions of printing and color matching on this 
list in the distant past, and the consensus was that even printers probably 
don't get it right, unless they spend a lot of time and technique, and the 
books are very expensive.
I just use the plates for a relative thing, and I also sometimes have 
trouble matching the beans precisely, even though the plates are relatively 
far apart, agtron number wise.  It also very much depends on the ambient 
light, so you should always judge under the same conditions.  I have beans 
that fall into one Ag number under incandescent light at night, but when I 
check under bluer daylight the next day, they rate different.
-- garyZ
Dan Bollinger wrote:
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7) From: Rick Farris
Mark wrote:
Not only that, but Davids clearly states that the color samples are useless.
Here's the quote:
	"Remember...that the vagaries of color printing, the glossiness of the ink,
the variability of light sources, the distractions of adjacent colors, not
to mention what you had for lunch, all combine to make this abridged version
of the Agtron/SCAA color disks technically useless"  "Home Coffee Roasting:
Romance & Revival, Kenneth Davids, p57."
The reason for the samples is to show you that they exist.  Believe me, the
SCAA doesn't charge the money they do simply because they can.
-- Rick
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8) From: R.N.Kyle
sounds good , at least we would all be on the same page.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

9) From: John Abbott
OK Gary, what I hear is that even if we all got some kind of reference
chip, it would only narrow things because of the difference in lighting
- and interpretation.  I guess it'll require a clocking of the cracks
and then color as an additional frame of reference.
This certainly can become a science project quickly!!
Happy cupping
On Mon, 2002-09-16 at 23:42, Gary Zimmerman wrote:
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