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1) From: Mark A. Chalkley
On Monday, September 16, 2002, 9:01:06 PM, you wrote:
JG> Why don't we all just go get the brown color chips from Sherwin-Williams 
JG> and match our ground roasts to them.  We could all have a standard that 
JG> would let us communicate in a day or two.  The desire for the industry 
JG> standard tiles has come up again and again but we still don't know what 
JG> each other means when we say Full City.
That's kinda what I was hoping for, too.  I'm not sure I really care
too much what a coffee house in Katmandu calls Full City, but I'd sure
like to know what you and the rest of the SM homeroast mailing list
mean when you say it.
I do know one thing:  The past few "bracketed roasts" I've done, I've
used settings 5, 6, & 7 on my HWP.  I've slowly come to the conclusion
that this was, on average, too dark.  So yesterday's batch of
Yirgacheffe was done at 4, 5, & 6.  The results, judged by this
morning coffee, were excellent.  I think I like it much better roasted
lighter.  Next, I'll try a Yemen at the same settings.  We'll see how
that works out.  Point is, though, I _thought_ my roast was lighter
than it really was.  Maybe color isn't a reliable guide, but it's sure
got to be better than words.
Mark C.
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2) From: Charlie Herlihy
I remember the thread from a month or two ago, and I like the
idea of we listers coming up with our own standard using
Sherwin-Williams chips. Very clever.  If someone can come up
with some SCAA ones to get started with it would save a lot of
mailing beans to each other, but...
 Mark-Yergacheffe is generally considered better at a less than
FC roast. I like my Yemens a bit into second crack unless
blended with something else that's darker and heavier-Jampit or
Sulawesi for example.
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3) From: Mark A. Chalkley
On Monday, September 16, 2002, 10:14:55 PM, you wrote:
DB> The problem is, I'd be matching to what I thought was "City" or
DB> "Full City", not a good idea.  I've written to Agtron and SCAA to
DB> ask if we could borrow a set of tiles.  Dan
Good job!  I hope they don't think they'd be shooting themselves in
the foot to do that...
On the other side of it, I'd be willing to contribute toward buying
somebody like you a set of the real thing, if you could do the
matching and wrangle a good price on the Sherwin-Williams set...
Mark C.
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4) From: Dan Bollinger
I don't see how, unless they are very short sighted.  Its' not like any of
us are going to go out and buy and $11,000 Agtron colorimeter, or join the
SCAA as a corporate member.
That's the nice thing about this plan, the S-W chips are free and available
at a store near you.  Only thing you need is the S-W chip number, and
therein lies the problem.  Dan
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5) From: Mark A. Chalkley
On Tuesday, September 17, 2002, 3:02:01 AM, you wrote:
RF> Not only that, but Davids clearly states that the color samples
RF> are useless. Here's the quote:
RF>         "Remember...that the vagaries of color printing, the glossiness of the ink,
RF> the variability of light sources, the distractions of adjacent colors, not
RF> to mention what you had for lunch, all combine to make this abridged version
RF> of the Agtron/SCAA color disks technically useless"  "Home Coffee Roasting:
RF> Romance & Revival, Kenneth Davids, p57."
RF> The reason for the samples is to show you that they exist.  Believe me, the
RF> SCAA doesn't charge the money they do simply because they can.
Hmmm - maybe Dan can find flat S-W color chips that are the right
colors.  That would assist the process of comparing them.
Mark C.
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6) From: Mark A. Chalkley
On Tuesday, September 17, 2002, 8:13:13 AM, you wrote:
JA> OK Gary, what I hear is that even if we all got some kind of reference
JA> chip, it would only narrow things because of the difference in lighting
JA> - and interpretation.  I guess it'll require a clocking of the cracks
JA> and then color as an additional frame of reference.
While I'm all for accuracy, in roasting, I'd just like to know I'm in
the general ballpark.  And the plan as it's currently being
implemented by Dan seems quite sufficient for my purposes, especially
if we're comparing ground coffee and using sunlight or the Ott-Lite to
illuminate everything.
Another issue, of course, is that a blend of three different roasts
will have a color of the average of the three, but will taste
completely different than a single roast of the same color.  So, the
color chips could really only be used to compare single roasts, of the
same bean variety, after they're ground, to be truely useful.  But,
I'm not trying to be quite that technical with it - I just want to
know that what you guys call FC is what I call FC, or vice versa,
Mark C.
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