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Topic: Nicro vac pot (8 msgs / 176 lines)
1) From: John Wanninger
I picked up a NICRO "Mod500" (8 cup?) stainless steel vac pot at a rummage
sale over the weekend for $1.50.  I've no problems with it, (seems rugged &
makes great coffee!), but it has a very unusual grounds strainer. There's no
rod or filter, only two slotted domed disks that create a slight labyrinth,
to keep out the solids. Anybody know about this pot and know if I should be
using a paper filter also? IICRC, this could be the same as the Cory(?).
The rubber seal seems ok for now, but are replacements still available?
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2) From: floyd burton
Got the same vac pot and the two disc strainer should be used without any
other filters or devices.  I do on occasion get a stuck pot-just pry around
a bit with a spoon on the edge of the strainer.  Get almost no grounds in
the bottom container.  You can get parts from foodservicedirect as they have
an asian knock off of this very pot-see their web site for pics.  Some who
have bought the knock off complain about how thin the metal is in the
pots-our original Nicros are quite heavy-the value engineers had yet to hit
the scene when they were built.
Yeah it is a great vac pot-if your grinder produces a lot of "fines", this
then may produce more stuck pots than you wish.  I still get stuck pots on
occasion-can't quite figure out what is going on and the prying on the
strainer does not seem to hurt anything.  Oh my Nicro has a 48 oz
capacity-just scored a complete Vaculator glass vac pot with 72 ounce
capacity and it has a ceramic filter thingy.
Enjoy-maybe vac pots will make a comeback.

3) From: Dave Huddle
I bought a gasket from foodservicedirect to use with a Cory or Silex.
HOWEVER, it doesn't fit in my glass vac pots.
Sooooo...I'll give it away for the cost of the postage to the  first
one who requests it,  OFF LINE!!
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4) From: jim gundlach
On Tuesday, September 17, 2002, at 11:36 AM, Dave Huddle wrote:
Is it a wide or narrow neck?
    Jim Gundlach
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5) From: Angelo
If it's the length you're concerned with, not to worry.  What you can do is 
just hook the tube of the pot into the coils of the spring. Or...you can 
get a new shorter spring/chain combo at hardware stores...I use the 
foodservice knockoff in my Yama/Silex/Bodum pots w/o modification. In the 
Hario, I use the "trick" I just mentioned... Good luck
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6) From: Andrew Thomas
[Sorry if this is a double post -- I think it didn't make it on the first try.]
--- "John Wanninger"  wrote:
I use my yard-sale Nicro more than any other coffee maker. It's fast, works great and is easy to clean. Use the metal filter as-is. If it is not bent and if the spring is in good shape, it works as well as any other type of vac pot filter. I've used a Cory rod and Silex ceramic/cloth filter in the Nicro pot, just to experiment, and both worked fine, but I prefer the original. I've never had to replace any parts, so I don't know about that. Replacing the gasket may be a problem. I know Cory and Silex gaskets do not fit -- maybe the Foodservice.com one would work.
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7) From: floyd burton

8) From: Dave Huddle
The gasket from foodservice won't seal between the upper & lower part
of my cory pot.   I ended up using a Silex bottom (broke the silex
top), silex gasket, cory top and new cory rod.  The mongrel pot works
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