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1) From: Juan Bustillo
Hello I am in the final lap on deciding which of this 2 roasters should I
I would like some help. Noise is not an issue. Please help me get a clear
view of the benefits and cons of each.
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2) From: Al Raden
I've been very pleased with my Hearthware Gourmet - when it's working. 
 It does a good half cup in each roast, is very consistent, and does a 
good job of cooling.  The downside has been keeping it working.  The 
first pc board had to be replaced when I couldn't get above 400 degrees. 
 The second one had to be replaced after about 100 roasts, when it 
wouldn't go above 180 degrees.  The third one had to be replaced after 
about 30 roasts with the same problem.  I just emailed them again, that 
the replacement wouldn't go above 200 degrees - after about 8 minutes. 
 They're sending me another.
The support from Hearthware has been great - they're sending me 
replacement boards, even though the unit is now out of warranty.  Said 
they want to keep me roasting until their replacement product comes out 
later this fall.  Just wish I didn't have to find out how great their 
support is.
- al r.
Juan Bustillo wrote:
- Al Raden
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3) From: John Carls
I have nothing good to say about my Hearthware Gourmet or the company's
service department.  My local coffee shop ordered four units in when they
ordered mine.  In the first three weeks after they arrived I went through
two of them.  They quit heating after just a few batches.  The third one has
lasted about 6 months(3-4 batches a week) and is now in the trash.  After
the first one died I called Hearthware, got the run-around and was told
there was nothing they could do and to take it back to where I got it.  Even
the wonderful essence of fresh roasted coffee, that is when it would roast
coffee, wasn't enough to take the bitter taste out of my mouth, and I have
moved on.
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4) From: JKG
I'm into my second year on my HWG.  It has a great 
roast profile.  As others have mentioned, some have
had problems with their units.  I've had no problems
whatsoever after several hundred roasts.
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5) From: John Abbott
Hola Juan!
I have never used the Gourmet, but both Fresh Roast models. The
Hearthware has a poorer track record for failures, the FR holds about
1/3 less coffee.  I usually did multiple sessions and it took them as
fast as I could dump the beans in and out. 
I had a neighbor buy a HWG and it lasted about 2 months. He is now using
my FR+ while he decides the same question.  I guess the decision is
mitigated by trust in the unit. My trust is with the Fresh Roast.
John - deep southern Texas
On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 17:09, Juan Bustillo wrote:
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6) From: kfarney
I have the same question as I ponder the purchase of a larger roaster 
(current FR).  New HW roaster, Caffe Rosto, Alp, or the much vaunted (but 
not yet produced) Hottop.  I know their is a huge difference in price, but 
I need a good cup of joe without having to roast six batches in my FR for a 
week's worth of coffee.
Any opinions are appreciated.
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7) From: John Abbott
I moved from the FR+ through a quick Rosto to my HotTop and I'm really
glad I did.  IF the HT doesn't become available, I'd sure go for the Alp
- it already had a great following and it is a slow, drum roaster and
I'm REALLY big on that now.
John - Loving life in the slow lane.
On Wed, 2002-09-18 at 14:08, kfarney wrote:
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8) From: JKG

9) From: EuropaChris
I'll agree with John.  I really dig a good drum roast.  I've sampled coffee now from two different Hottops on two continents.  In both cases, it was an excellent roast.  For vac pot or drip, I can go either way, I like the clean air roasts in my Yama or Cona; but for espresso, I gotta get a drum roaster.  The body and complexity just goes through the roof!  I'm almost ready to spring for an Alp, as the Hottop just seems so far away right now.
John Abbott  wrote:
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10) From: R.N.Kyle
Hey Juan,  I have a FR+ and West Bend Poppery II popcorn popper, I roast =
5 batches back to back 3 times a week, and have had no trouble at all =
with either one. Tim at Fresh Roast the designed and distributes the FR+ =
is a great guy to deal with, and is easy to get in touch with. Buying =
the FR+ from SMarias you also get a good selection of beans with the =
purchase.  Good luck
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

11) From: Acorn54
i got my gourmet july of last year and have 600 plus roasts from it no 
problems. roasts are very consistent. lots of noise. smoke is no bother to me 
leaves room in a few hours.-guy from long island
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