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Topic: Decaf questions--Sulawesi & African (5 msgs / 110 lines)
1) From: Paul Jolly
Tom notes that the new Sulawesi decaf is
brilliant--and that it's "WP".  How is this
different than "SWP"?  (I know, I know..."it's
the water!").  And how does the coffee taste?
The other one I wondered about is listed on Tiny
Joy for Sep./Oct., but not on the website.  It's
a blend of decaf African highland coffees. 
Anyone try it?  Any report on how it is?
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2) From: Ryuji Suzuki -- JF7WEX
From: Paul Jolly 
Subject: +Decaf questions--Sulawesi & African
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 15:00:19 -0700 (PDT)
It sounds like they came from Royal Coffee's list...  I was wondering
about them... They list some bags on spot and more delivered in this
month, so I hope Tom cups all they have available and pick the best...
I have been trying to cut down caffeine by 1/4 (note that my coffee
uses double the amount of bean than SCAA recommendation) and so I have
been searching for good decafs with the spiciness and aftertaste
resembling some of DP Ethiopian. I don't care much about brightness
because a bit of blending can take care of that part. A really good
decaf blend base with punch is something not easy to find.
These two are definitely in my must-try list.
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3) From: Jim Schulman
On 19 Sep 2002 at 18:23, Ryuji Suzuki -- JF7WEX wrote:
The MC Ghimbi Tom sells is the best decaf I've ever had, I like it 33/67 along with 
the also superb decaf Narino del Abuela as an espresso, or straight as a regular 
BTW, I might be dreaming, but it seems the Ghimbi roasts as long as most regular 
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4) From: Andrew Thomas
--- "Jim Schulman"  wrote:
Those are the very two decafs I was about to suggest. Never tried them blended, but why not? Also, I like Mexican CEPCO co-op -- ethyl acetete process, I think -- don't know if it's still available. BTW, the decaf Ghimbi that Sweet Maria's has stocked lately is ethyl acetate process. The MC has been out for several months.
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5) From: R.N.Kyle
Hey Andrew, 
My wife Elaine drinks only decaf, so I've roasted several different =
decafs, most all the Tom at SM has to offer. and her very favorite is =
Colombian MC Decaf -Narino del Abuelo I roast it through first crack and =
stop the roast just before 2nd. crack rest the roast 12 to 24 hrs. I =
profile the roast to slow it down during 1st crack total roast time 10 =
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

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