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Topic: Alpenroast and light roasts (6 msgs / 90 lines)
1) From: Sheldon W. Halpern
I've been fairly happy for some time with the HWP but I'm starting now to 
get some troubling inconsistencies in the roast. With Hearthware's 
inventory problems I've begun thinking about the Alpenroast. Everything 
I've read about it is quite positive but I am concerned about how well it 
does light (City to just below full city) roasts, for bright coffees. I 
very much like the Harrar Longberry, Guatemala Laguna, C.R. Dota, all at 
not much above a city roast (which is the way I also prefer Kona). Does 
anyone have thoughts on how the Alpen does with these (as opposed to the 
Sumatra, Sulawesi, etc. beans usually roasted darker, or to the Brazilian 
espresso base).
Sheldon W. Halpern
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2) From: Glenn R. Holmes
Hi Sheldon.
No problem.
I have a couple of HW Gourmets & an Alp.
I think that the Alp, by drum roasting as opposed to air roasting, 
somewhat mutes the acidity that I like in the city roasts but that may 
be challenged by others.  The Alp is an excellent roaster and I think 
you'll do fine with it. I have not had a problem yet with the bright 
coffees I've done at the city, short-full-city(my term) roast.
Then again, you could invest in a set of ear plugs and go for an HW 
Gourmet. It is more manual that your HWP but that is the reason I chose 
it over the HWP; because I think I can get a coax a better roast out of 
it. Well, I like to think that anyway. :=)
Sheldon W. Halpern wrote:
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3) From: Sheldon W. Halpern
The HWP had been just fine, particularly since I watch it carefully and 
usually start cooling when the beans look and sound right, even before the 
end of the preset roast cycle. The problem is recent: beans in the same 
batch roast unevenly, so that when most are in the City stage, a good 
number of others are quite dark and even beginning to develop oil, so that 
the resulting brew is usually not clean in taste. I wonder if it's a 
function of voltage at a given time, but it's happened frequently enough to 
be a problem. That's why I'm beginning to lean toward the Alp. the Gourmet 
has had so much bad press here about breakdowns and other problems that I'm 
reluctant to try it.
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Sheldon W. Halpern
C. William O'Neill Professor of Law and Judicial Administration
The Ohio State University College of Law
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4) From: Dan Bollinger
Uneven roasts in the HWP can only be from poor bean adjitation.  Either your
batch size is over 90g or air flow is diminished.  Low line voltage could
cause this, if you have removed the washer, but it is more likely dust
buildup.  Dan
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5) From: Dan Bollinger
Yes it would, but low temperature wouldn't create uneven roasts, just very
long roasts.  Dan
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6) From: EskWIRED
Would low line voltage also diminish the temperature?  I don't really know,
but it would seem that the two factors would decrease proportionately.
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