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1) From: TFisher511
We had the opportunity to visit San Francisco last week and what an awesome 
place to vacation. This is a beautiful area of the world and there are just 
so many things to see and do we had only a week to take it all in. There is a 
$tarbucks on almost every corner and sometimes two. Beside almost all of the 
$tarbucks there is a Well's Fargo bank. It just seems too frequent to be 
Emeryville is only a drive across the Bay Bridge from Frisco so we stopped by 
the coffee Mecca and visited Sweetmaria's. I was dressed in official uniform, 
a Sweetmaria's tee shirt and jeans. Tom and Maria were exactly as expected 
being kind and friendly people. We toured the shop and enjoyed checking out 
the coffee and talking about the move and restarting the business on the left 
coast. Plenty of room to move around in this place. I can understand why Tom 
would be glad to move back. 
The storefront is still blank, and if you don't know the address you will 
have to look for the place with the curved overhead garage door. Tom admitted 
to a slight reshaping of the door with the ebay forklift he purchased. So 
Tom, if you don't want the world to know, you just can't let that kind of 
information out. Seems the ideal site for an e-tailer business.
I think that they are located almost next door to a Federal Express office. I 
could be mistaken about that because we were really just looking for 
Sweetmaria's, and it is somewhat hidden. That still may not be the best way 
for them to do business.
Well, is the visit at least worth a few CSA points? It really was a great 
little side trip.
Terry F
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2) From: Mike McGinness
 Well, is the visit at least worth a few CSA points? It really was a
You bet, works similar to Frequent Flyer miles. One point for each mile
flown from your hometown to Bay Area, one point for each mile you drove from
your hotel/motel etc., one point for each minute in THE SHOP in THEIR
presence, one point for each # of greens you purchase to bring back with
you. Then add up the points, multiply by two, and SUBTRACT that number from
your CSA points total 'cuz we're all coffee green with envy!:-) Seriously
though, we hope to make the Pilgrimage too one day soon. I'd take your visit
to Sweet Maria's over my attending the North American Specialty Coffee
Retailer's Expo hands down.
Being somewhat of a CSA Kona sub-set member, our upcoming visit to the Kona
Cultural Festival and Cupping Competition in November including return
visits to a number of Kona growers I buy from I'd consider a toss up...;-)
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting in Vancouver, WA USA
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3) From: TFisher511
Actually I waited till I got home to order my coffee. We just had too much 
stuff to lug back diagonally across the country when we had excellent 
shipping available at the source. I'm having a little California wine shipped 
back too.
I saw the JBM barrel setting in the shop last Monday and that was really 
tough not to latch onto out there. I enjoy the JBM so much, and Tom is really 
underwhelmed, almost apologetic about the price he has to charge for it. I 
did take my own coffee for the trip, and that was a wise decision indeed.
The area is just so beautiful and exciting to visit. It is offset somewhat by 
the suffering of the homeless, as their presence is seen almost everywhere. I 
really found that troubling and appreciate the many fortunes the Carol and I 
share. Sorry for drifting off topic but the pain and suffering, even though 
some may be self inflicted, are difficult to overlook.
Terry F
mdmint writes:

4) From: John
Terry, Terry!!  Calling Bagdad by the Bay Frisco is considered both
ignorant and a slur.  Frisco is the name of a railroad. Local people
will take umbrage with such name calling.  You may have earned some CSA
points - but you lost good tourist points!
On Sun, 2002-09-22 at 15:36, TFisher511 wrote:
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5) From: Scott Jensen
And they don't take offence to Bagdad by the Bay? :)  I always thought the
natives called it Frisco!  In addition to finding out good coffee shops in
an area we are visiting, guess we should ask how not to irritate the guy
making the drink! :)

6) From: John
I don't know that they still call it Baghdad by the Bay - but in the
50's through 80's Herb Cane was the most read column in the Bay - and it
was his favorite label for the city.  At the same time it was called The
City by sports figures (hence the name on the basketball jerseys.
All the GREAT coffee shops were in North Beach when we lived there - but
the Haight Ashbury area seemed to have cornered the market when were
were there in March. Haight Ashbury was known for a different drug of
choice when we lived there ;O(
I guess Dessert Storm probably killed the BBB title.
I'm jealous that you were there. I love running around there. Learned to
drive there which could account for the fact that I still crimp my
wheels into the curb even on flat land.
Happy Cupping
On Sun, 2002-09-22 at 22:20, Scott Jensen wrote:
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7) From: Dan White
I know a Corpus TV figure always used to refer to Houston as Baghdad on the Bayou.  When you look at the tremendous
refining capability along the ship channel (Buffalo Bayou dredged a bit) it certainly fits.
John wrote:
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8) From: Angelo
Tsk, tsk....you called it "Frisco". The Frisconians don't like that.....:-)
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9) From: Angelo
There was a bar there called the Orient Express which used to have an 
annual  "Heaviest Nu Yawk Accent" contest. The prize was a one-way ticket 
to New York. My son suggested (with a smirk) that I enter it. He thinks he 
sounds British..:-)
It is a great city, though...
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10) From: John
Go stand in the corner!!
On Mon, 2002-09-23 at 11:41, Angelo wrote:
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11) From: TFisher511
WOW, glad I didn't say that while I was there (in San Francisco, that is). I 
appreciate the constructive criticism and will try not to let that happen 
again. Probably a good thing Tom and Maria are in Emeryville, because I sure 
wouldn't want to step on my coffee peoples' toes.
San Francisco is still a beautiful place to visit. Now back to the real world 
of the not-yet-retired.
Terry F

12) From: Rick Farris
Scott wrote:
The natives almost invariably call it "The City."
-- Rick
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13) From: John
YEP!! Agreed!!
On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 18:09, Rick Farris wrote:
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14) From: Bruce Harlick
The natives would NEVER call it "Frisco." :)
Bruce, proud native of the City, now exiled to San Jose.
Bruce Harlick
Freelance writer, editor, game designerhttp://www.newblackboard.comICQ #4166560

15) From: Kathy Hawken
No, you can always spot a tourist when they refer to San Franciso as
Kathy (bay area native)

16) From: Scott Jensen
Well "The City" it is! :)  I'll sound like a native when I get there, now I
just have to get there!!  Actually my wife suggested yesterday that it would
sure be fun to visit "The Bay Area" , I was so surprised I forgot to tell
her that in the 25 years since she was a native, they have changed the name!
"The Tulsan"

17) From: Bruce Harlick
It is still known as "the Bay Area"... Silicon Valley is a sub-set of
the Bay Area that extends into the wilds of that region known only as
"San Jose", a former agricultural area turned high tech center. Go
Bruce Harlick
Freelance writer, editor, game designerhttp://www.newblackboard.comICQ #4166560

18) From: dewardh
Yep.  It just has "neighborhoods".  On the West side of The Bay there's The 
Valley, The Peninsula, The City, and Marin.  On the East side there's Berkeley 
and The East Bay.  Oakland wants to pretend that it's more than just East Bay, 
but who can tell where Oakland ends and San Leandro begins?  Nobody's buying 
any of Oakland's pretensions . . . there's still no there there (there's more 
there there in Emeryville, especially now . . .).  There are also nebulous 
"zones" called the "North Bay" and the "South Bay" . . . areas which do appear 
on the map (sort of), but which nobody in the Bay Area wants anything to do 
with . . . places like Vallejo (North) and Union City or Alviso(South).  You'll 
sometimes hear talk of "North Bay Counties", but really . . . Sonoma and 
Mendocino and Humbolt are "somewhere else", and everyone knows it.
It's still a matter of debate whether (East) Contra Costa is in the Bay Area or 
the (other) Valley (yes, there are *two* "Valleys" . . . Silicon Valley, which 
*is* in the Bay Area, and the Central Valley, which most certainly is *not*. 
 The Central Valley is itself divided into two parts (though I defy anyone to 
draw the line between them) etc. etc. etc.  It all gets as confusing as *which* 
"Kona" or *which* "Jamacian".
Welcome home, Tom and Maria  . . .
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19) From: John
BRUCE!!  You can get your car dented badly for referring to Silicone
Gulch as San Jose!  Santa Clara identifies with the peninsula and not
San Jose.  When I worked in Silicone Valley and commuted up from Blossom
valley I often wished the plants would move down to SJO.  The Gulch is
the Gulch - the Valley is the Valley (five of them but its just THE
valley) and San Jose is San Jose with its official tilde! When you cross
680 you're in the valley. From the gulch we flew from SFO 8 to 1 over
On Wed, 2002-09-25 at 10:30, Bruce Harlick wrote:
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20) From: Bruce Harlick
But Santa Clara is still the Bay Area while San Jose is part of the
"greater Bay Area." San Jose is indeed part of the "Valley." Trust me; I
live here (ugh)... I know.
Bruce Harlick
Freelance writer, editor, game designerhttp://www.newblackboard.comICQ #4166560

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