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Topic: FR roaster-delaying roast/columbian beans V Mendheling (6 msgs / 110 lines)
1) From: ray & lois baker
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I was using the soup tin "mod" on my FR roaster over the weekend and the =
tin came away with the end result being the chaff collector top broke =
into several pieces,on the floor. Is anyone able to advise a suitable =
glue to do a repair that will withstand the roasting temp's. The FR was =
a birthday gift four weeks ago so I am in need of a fix quick, no spares =
in N.Z.to my knowledge. Also today I roasted 50g of columbian beans =
which came up to the "fill to" level after which I roasted 50g of =
Mendheling( after letting the roaster cool down) beans which did not =
come up to the same level, obviously smaller beans, the end result was =
they both roasted to the second crack in the same time 4m-10sec yet the =
first crack came at diferent times, 2m-5sec for the columbian and =
2m-30sec for the mendheling.Is it the bean size that makes the =
difference or is it the bean origin?.
Ray from down under.

2) From: R.N.Kyle
Hey Ray, I also broke my chaff collector, but only the handle part. I =
haven't tried to glue it yet. thought about calling Tim from Fresh =
Roast.You can call Tim, the owner/designer of FR toll free at =
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

3) From: Ben Treichel
ray & lois baker wrote:
An epoxy?
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4) From: C. Marley
Ray, take your FR+ outside and roast there.  Fit another soupcan on top
of the first to make a tall chimney so the beans won't come flying out
but the chaff will.  Call Tim (number is on the SM website) and ask him
to send another chaff collector.
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5) From: EskWIRED
There are engine adhesives available in automotive stores, which are used to
glue gaskets to an engine block.  You may want to ask them if the glue
dries, or if it remains tacky.
There are also such things as high temperature epoxies, but I have no idea
if they could withstand 400+ degrees.
Another possibility would be the glue which is used for attaching the
sealing gasket to the door of a woodstove.
Good luck.
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6) From: Bob Trancho
Hi-temp silicone gasket material works fine - I've used to hold my
thermometer in place on my Rosto and to affix the loose gasket on the
top.  It doesn't remain tacky when cured 24 hours. 
Bob Trancho
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