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1) From: Mike & Tonya Connell
Oh, thats the reason I cant shake those last 15 ugly pounds.......
Change your coffee-drinking habits and you'll automatically start eating
better and exercising more frequently, suggests some new research from the
University of Oslo in Norway. A group of scientists found that when changes
in coffee intake were introduced, subjects' intake of several foods was
altered. Specifically, the intake of chocolate, sweets, cakes, sweet
biscuits, pastry and jam increased when coffee intake was higher, and
decreased when coffee intake was lower. The opposite effect occurred with
dishes with fish, other drinks, as well as with physical activity. As coffee
intake increased, subjects tended to eat less fish and exercise less. When
coffee intake was lowered, the subjects tended to eat more fish and exercise
more frequently. So try cutting back on your daily java intake - you could
end up eating less sweets, more fish and get more exercise. Sounds like a
good prescription for a leaner, healthier body!
Source: British Journal of Nutrition 87(3):261-266, 2002
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2) From: John
I don't EVER eat chocolate, sweets, cakes, any biscuits - sweet or not,
nor any foods containing sugar (diabetic) and I still can't lose those
last 20 ugly pounds.  To satisfy the cadre of naysayers that constantly
cast aspersions on my coffee, I have on several occasions totally
abandoned coffee for 30 days or more. The ONLY think that I noticed
during those proof periods was how trivial people's opinions of almost
everything can become :o) 
BUT in the interest of science, I will give up on Costa Rican Diamonte,
Vietnamese Robusta, and garlic flavored cream in my coffee for the next
lifetime and report the results.
On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 07:57, Mike & Tonya Connell wrote:
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3) From: Ben Treichel
John wrote:
Gee, If I was you I would give up on that stuff for this lifetime too. :-)
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4) From: C. Marley
Mike & Tonya Connell wrote:
I'd rather elevate my caffeine level than my Mercury level, thanks very
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5) From: Jim Schulman
On 24 Sep 2002 at 7:57, Mike & Tonya Connell wrote:
I wonder if they've ever studied people who have cut back on all the diet advice. Jim
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6) From: HJoelS
What a confusing set of back and forths..

7) From: Angelo
Norway, eh? Isn't one of their main exports fish?? 'Nuff said...
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