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1) From: Kevin DuPre
I have gone through nearly a pound of this with
excellent results - at least to my tastes.  I have not
throttled (stalled) my roast between first and second
crack.  I'm using a Fresh Roast (original) and its
stock temperature profile (turn it on and let it run
Second crack is reached somewhere around 5 minutes -
highly dependent on the characteristics of THIS
roaster model and batch size.  I initiate cooldown
about 5-10 seconds into a rolling 2nd crack - using
the FR's 2 minute cooldown cycle. I immediately dump
the beans into an aluminum pie tin on a large aluminum
double-wall baking sheet as a heat sink. After a
couple of minutes I put them into a stainless steel
colander and stir with a spoon. After roasting the
whole lot is bagged in a valvebag which is squeezed to
get the air out (not it's not a vacuum, but it works
well for us until we get a vacuum sealer), rolled and
clipped shut. 
Sorry I can't be more precise on the profile. This
ends up as a City-to-Full-City with a velvet look to
the beans (i.e. no oil sheen).  It has great aroma
after a 4 hour rest, flavor in the cup is bright and a
little nutty with hints of a milk chocolatey taste,
and I've had good results even 4 days later - although
that's the end of the batch because I don't roast more
than a half pound at a time.  In my house that half
pound is gone by the 4th day depending on how we use
I've tried shorting the roast (stopping before 2nd
crack) but found the coffee too grassy for my taste -
my wife hated it and noticed the difference right
Kevin DuPre
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2) From: John
Thanks a million Kevin. Having the old and plus versions I have a really
good calibration for interpreting for the HotTop. I think the strongest
point I can take from this is to take it into a deep roast.  I will run
my next roast into Full City and see what develops.
I used to get by with about a pound a week, then the Solis came into our
lives and that jumped up immediately. The fame of the Solis has spread
among my neighbors and we now crank through almost 1/2 pound a day. That
isn't  a complaint - I absolutely love making drinks for friends. 
John - headed off to try one more time!
On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 09:19, Kevin DuPre wrote:
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3) From: TFisher511
I think we can all assume that the Diamante Tarrazu you are going to roast 
Full City is strictly for friends since you said you were giving it up along 
with the Vietnamese Robusta and the garlic flavored milk. You were the one 
who posted that weren't you?  :)  :)
Terry F
john writes:

4) From: John
Yeah, but I'm a diehard - and really want to get around this thing. If
none of today's roasts turn out well, my son will be getting a visit
from FexEx :O)
On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 16:33, TFisher511 wrote:
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5) From: Ed Needham
I've seen a regular vacuum cleaner used to suck the air from a one way valve.
It seemed to work really well.  Turned it into a quick brick.
Ed Needhamhttp://www.homeroaster.comed

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