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1) From: Ted Kostek
What is the general feeling about Java?  I have found that by itself, it's
so-so IMO.  As a blender, however, it's great.  It really brings a lot to
Mokha and when we tried it in some Sidamo it was great as well (Sidamo, BTW,
is *great*; this must be the best bargain on Tom's site).
It must be remembered that I only this week discovered my popper was keeping
me from 2nd crack.  Maybe a little darker roast will really bring out
something special in the Java?  I'll be experimenting with it more this
weekend when I do more roasting.
Ted Kostek
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2) From:
On Wed, 25 Sep 2002 12:48:51 -0500
 "Ted Kostek"  wrote:
I don't blend, except by accident, but I think Jampit is
 one of the top 3 coffees I've ever drunk.  Straight, it
 has wonderful body while having lots of fascinating, but
 not distracting, undertastes.  I could cheerfully live on
 a good Yemen, Monsooned Malabar and Jampit, in rotation.
But, it has to be drunk within 24 hours.  It turns to
 completely boring, not quite down to Maxwell House, where
 was that new Starbucks? coffee after that.
Be well,
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3) From: Andrew Thomas
--- "Ted Kostek"  wrote:
I recently tried Java Jampit for the first time, but so far I haven't found a roast that I like. The first time I went for a darkish full city, well into second crack, but it had a disagreeable burnt taste. Next time I roasted lighter and still got some of the same burnt flavor. It seems Jampit roasts faster than others in relation to the cracks and the color. I plan to try a lighter roast next time -- ending before second crack -- and see how it is.    Andy
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4) From: AlChemist John
Sometime around 10:48 9/25/02, Ted Kostek typed:
It is probably one of my favorites, along with Mohka Rimy ( can't want to 
blend them).  Roasted just to 425/2nd crack, I find it almost indescribably 
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
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5) From: jim jordan
Hi Ted-  We have been blending Java Jampit with
allkinds of other coffee.  My wife like a 50/50 mix of
Java J with either Mocca Reimi or Ethiopian Harrar,
both roasted about 30 seconds into 2nd crack.  I have
been mixing Java J with Kenya Karani (JJ+KK?) with the
Karani done a bit more into 2nd crack than the Java J.
 It is to die for.  I don't remember having Java J by
itself, but at my age I don't remember lots.
Todays selection was Purple Mountain Kona and it's
hard to beat.  I roasted it a bit darker than usual
and it was very tasty indeed.
Cheers  Jim Jordan
--- Ted Kostek  wrote:
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6) From: Bruce Harlick
I use Java in a lot of drip coffee blends. My guests really seem to
prefer it to a Sumatra or a Sulawesi in a blend, even when they
generally like a straight Sumatra or Sulawesi coffee. Java's become one
of my staples; I keep a fair amount of it around.
That being said, I haven't tried it in an espresso blend yet. I'll have
to experiment when I have some time and energy.
Bruce Harlick
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