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A "sip in" sounds fun!!!  I used to go to Bauhaus when it was beside the Jones Store (years ago) but that was before I started roasting my own beans.  Not sure if I'd think that was good anymore?  I think that may have reopened by 75th Street Brewery?  There was a different little shop there before called Bar Roma, I sort of knew the owners - but again that was before I started roasting my OWN beans!!   Anyway.... now that I've started roasting my own beans I sort of wonder if I'd even like any of those places anymore???  I don't know of any shops around here that roast their own beans.  I DO know one of the KC guys from alt.coffee is suppose to be opening up a "cafe" where he WILL be roasting his own beans and having jazz and stuff on Friday nights?  Of course it's all the way out in OP. 




Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 21:50:04 -0700 (PDT) From: jim jordan Subject: Re: +Article on Kansas City coffee houses To: homeroast Reply-To: homeroast Hi Kimber- I am out in the South end of KC, about the only thing we have out here are QuickTrip stations and a couple of Starbucks. We used to stop by a cozy little coffee shop but it closed when *$ came to town ( died of fright 6 months before *$ got their doors open). I was at a place on the Plaza (Classic Cup?) and was real impressed when I ordered coffee and they brought me a little French press. Its a good thing I am easily impressed because I don't remember the coffee as being particularly good. I think we are on our own. It doesn't take long to get bad spoiled and refer to anything not fresh roasted from SM as foul swill. We should get some of the other KC folks together one of these days and have a "sip in" and trade coffee and true stories. Cheers Jim J --- Kimber M wrote:

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