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1) From: Rick Farris
Has anybody checked out this roaster:
http://www.supramatic.com/roaster-pro.htmAny idea how much it costs?  Is it a competitor to the smaller Dietrichs?
-- Rick
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2) From: John
It would be interesting to know what they charge for the machine. I
couldn't locate anything on the site.  But the words "commercial"
generally move it up over the $2k mark in a hurry.
On Fri, 2002-09-27 at 00:27, Rick Farris wrote:
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3) From: Mike McGinness
I don't know the cost (yet), but I believe it's made in Korea by the IMEX
Corp., makers of the Caffe' Rosto...http://www.imex-hcc.com/I'd go with the Ambex YM-2 more likely. Larger (& smaller) capacity, gas
fired, built in bean temp probe... It lists for $4950. Free lease with 200#
month greens purchased from them. Haven't checked into that programs
detail's yet. Don't really like the idea of locked into them as greens
source though. Beginning serious considerations to launching side
pre-retirement custom roasting 'biz... keep getting asked so maybe why not!http://www.ambexroasters.com/5lb.htmMM;-)
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting in Vancouver, WA USA
If I don't stop thinking about it soon it will happen...
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4) From: Christian Wiedmann
I found the following two lines hidden in the IMEX order web page
http://www.imex-hcc.com/order.htm):Sometimes you find interesting things when you use "View Source"...
"Use the source, Luke!"
On Thu, 26 Sep 2002, Mike McGinness wrote:
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5) From: Ryuji Suzuki -- JF7WEX
From: Christian Wiedmann 
Subject: Re: +SupraMatic Pro-1500
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 00:10:58 -0700 (PDT)
When I asked them a month ago, they were selling one for $3000 FOB for
the first anniversary of the product launch. Regular price is $3800
for one unit, but goes down to $2800 for 21 units and higher. Each
unit weighs 38kg.
Taehee Nam is the Overseas Marketing Manager of IMEX corporation.
Their email is songimex
Ryuji Suzuki
"I can't believe I'm here.
People always say that I'm a long way from normal."
(Bob Dylan, Normal, Illinois, 13 February 1999)
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6) From: John
First: Love your antispam addressing. Second: Wow, lots of energy to
check out the source files at that time of the night/morning. I was
having trouble finding the keyboard and pulled the plug.  $4950 is a
loot for that small a system, but I'd sure like to see one running. The
inspection port looks a great deal like the Hottop end plate! 
John - needing another cup to get my other eye open
On Fri, 2002-09-27 at 02:10, Christian Wiedmann wrote:
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7) From: Dan Bollinger
WOW!  Awesome machine!   3.3# (1.5 kilo) roast, programmable profile roast,
regulates roasting heat (but does not monitor bean temperature), optional
water quench. Built in digital scale weighs the beans in the charge and sets
the programmed profile accordingly.  It was designed as a counter-top
roaster for coffee shops.  I sent a request to the company for pricing.  Dan

8) From: David Marley
Mike, your right on with the Caffe Rosto thing.  I guess you could say it's
the bigger brother version.  When I was at SCAA '02 in Anaheim they had one
on display.  It isn't really a very large machine, and as it says, it can
run on 110V.  They didn't have a price set for it at the show yet, but they
mentioned it would be out of the home roaster realm in terms of $$$.  It was
designed supposedly for small businesses that wanted fresh coffee but it
wasn't their main line of business, a backup roaster and as an alternative
to having to get a special rig to "channel" away the roast smoke as you
would need for you Ambex I would think.  Maybe an example would be an
Italian restaurant that mostly sells Espresso's and Cappa's after dinner?

9) From: David Marley
One more thing.  There is a good picture of it at coffeegeek.com.  Mark
Prince has a picture of two of them from the SCAA show.  Goto the article
archives for Mark and click on SCCA day 1.  I'll go away now.
David Marley
Just adding messages to your box.

10) From: Dan Bollinger
Pricey is right!  Here it is from the horse's mouth:
Dear Dan:
The price on the Pro 1500 is $5900.00 US.  Delivery should take a couple of
weeks.  If you want pricing on delivery I must call and get a quote.
Thanks and regards
Crystal Palmer
Supramatic, Inc.
yours, Dan
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11) From: Scott Jensen
When I first contacted the company about 6 months ago, the price was around
$5200.  The same company that handles the Cafe Rosto here in the states
handles this roaster.  They are located near LA I think.

12) From: Scott Jensen
I just found the information I received on the roaster.  It is Brightway
Industries and they can be contacted at Sales  or
WWW.cafferosto.com  and they are in Fremont, CA.  I have written down $5995
on the Brochure and if I remember correctly it was Steve at Brightway that I
talked to.  I didn't write down if that price included shipping or not.  I
do remember this unit needs no venting, it has some sort of smoke filter
built in that eliminates all the smoke, which is a great idea! (if it really
Scott Jensen

13) From: Dan Bollinger
Yep.  It is www.brightway.com and now steve   thanks, Dan
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14) From: EskWIRED
Between the CaffeRosto home unit, and this nice small commercial unit, it
looks like Brightway has some very nice products indeed. I'm dying to hear
reviews of how well it works.
I'd also love to see a unit somewhere in the middle.  The gap between $150
and $6000 is pretty huge.
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15) From: Dan Bollinger
It's not only the cost, there is the economy of scale to contend with too.
$150 machine will roast 1/4# batches, which I have to do many batches for a
weeks worth of beans.  But, the $6000 machine does 3.3# of beans, more than
what I can drink in a week.  I'd be throwing away half of them because
they'd be getting stale.  To me, the ideal machine would roast 1/2# through
1# batches.  Dan
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16) From: Mike McGinness
FYI, it is designed for max batch size of 3.3#, minimum batch size of 0.9#
:-) Your 'ideal' batch size sounds like the "where's it at market wise"
HotTop, 1/2 to 2/3# being reported successfully. The Sivetz entry level
Fluid Bed roaster, $1850 FOB, is designed for 1.25# greens (which would
yield approximately 1# roasted.) Another example fitting the 1/2 to 1# batch
size is the Ambex YM-2 drum roaster designed for 0.5 to 5# greens batchs,
$4950. Even as a homeroaster 5# batch sizes aren't ridiculous, would be way
cool for Holiday gift roasting! No more 12hr+ roast sessions.
To me, the ideal machine would be the one with the widest batch size range,
greatest roast profile control, preferably custom programable profiles,
excellent chaff removal, fast bean cooling (2-3min), and other designed
detail wish list still under development. So far, of the machines I've
really begun research, the Ambex is high on my wish list. (And far far
away!:-) I strongly suspect similar roasters are out their from Probat or
Dietrich or ???
Of course, those darned cost consideratons....:-(
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting in Vancouver, WA USA
With about 3hrs roasting planned for today in 1/3# batches...
From: "Dan Bollinger" 
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17) From: Dan Bollinger
Mike,  All things considered -- and it looks like you've considered
everything, too -- the perfect machine for me doesn't exist.  I'd add to the
list a two-chambered roaster so bean temperature could be accurately
measured. This leads me to building my own.  Not impossible, its just that
the last thing I need right now is another project. Dan
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18) From: EskWIRED
 To me, the ideal machine would
I was speaking with the good folks at HeartWare yesterday.  They said that
their new roaster will have double the capacity of the HWP.  I'm not sure if
that would yield a 1/2 pound batch or not.  Maybe with some tweaking?
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19) From: EskWIRED
I was speaking with customer service at HearthWare yesterday about their new
roaster.  They said that it would include profile roasting capabilities,
with manual override.  I asked if the custom profiles would be able to be
stored in memeory, and she wasn't sure.  I told her to suggest it to the
engineers.  What I had in mind was flash memory to remember a macro of what
you did when, which could be saved if it worked well, or discarded if not.
I think that would be easy (probable because I know nothing about how to
implement it).  But my concept would be that you do your manual override
thing, which gets remembered in flash, with maybe 10 numbered memory slots.
The next day, when you try your roast and like it/don't like it, you decide
whether to save it or discard it.
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20) From: John
I'd vote for that machine in a heartbeat. I love my 1/2# roaster but
would really love to be able to run a full pound through it now and then
- especially when I'm making up gift packs. 
On Sat, 2002-09-28 at 09:42, Dan Bollinger wrote:
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21) From: Dan Bollinger
The HWP is good for 90g, some people get more out of them.
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22) From: Rick Farris
Mike wrote:
Did you notice that the Pro-1500 hints that it can be connected to a
computer and controlled that way?  They mention "software."
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23) From: C. Marley
It's called a wok, Dan.  Costs > 20 bucks.
For the conservation of the Tibetan Lhasa Apso,
Regards, Cathy http://lists.sweetmarias.com/mailman/listinfo/homeroast">http://www.lhasa-apso.orghomeroast mailing listhttp://lists.sweetmarias.com/mailman/listinfo/homeroast

24) From: Dan Bollinger
But, but...   where's the motor!?   I don't want it if it's not a powertool!
;)   Dan
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25) From: Scott Jensen
HI Rick,
Do I remember corectly that you used to live in San Diego?  I can not find
the letter someone ( I believe you) sent me reguarding a friend who owns or
runs a great resturant in San Diego and we talked about several places in
Carlsbad.  We are going to be there next week and I wanted to visit this
restuarant, if it was you, could you refresh my memory?
Thanks!  Scott
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26) From: Rick Farris
Yeah, that was me.  As I remember, I mentioned a family-style Italian place
in Encinitas named Vigilucci's.  It's not one of those fancy-schmancy
places, but good Italian cooking.  I particularly like the Spaghetti
Carbonara there.  I believe it's at the corner of Coast Highway and 4th
street, in old Encinitas.  Coast Highway is known by many names, including
Pacific Coast Highway, PCH, and in Encinitas, probably something like
Encinitas Blvd...
At any rate, Vigilucci's will be in the phone book.
If you're a drinking man, just down the street in Cardiff, on Restaurant Row
(also on PCH), there is a great local bar called "The Kraken."  If you go
there be sure to have a "Kraken Crush."
-- Rick

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