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1) From: Mike Gastin
Quick Question regarding green coffee.
Can green coffee absorb odors like roasted coffee? I keep my green in a
cupboard. Recently my lovely wife spilled a vial of perfume in the same
cupboard. None got on any of my coffee, but the cupboard now smells strongly
of perfume. Should I move my stash or not worry?
Mike Gastin

2) From: Hugh Solaas
I'd get your coffee out of that perfume-laden cabinet, pronto!  --Hugh

3) From: Michael Allen Smith
This is an excellent question I've been wanting to know for some time.
There is a commercial roaster I know of that allows his employees to smoke
around the green beans, but not while roasting.  Once the beans are roasted
they are placed away from the employees sealed up.  I swear that on
occassion I've tasted ciggerette smoke in the beans brewed up back at my
home.  Is it possible that the smoke attacked the beans while they were
still green?

4) From: Mandy Willison
I can't stand any would be coffee drinkers entering the room with even
smelly deoderant on!

5) From: Don Staricka
Wouldn't surprise me if cigarette smoke was able to contaminate green
coffee beans and leave an odor detectable even after roasting. The heat of
roasting is trivial compared to the heat of a cigarette ember.  There are
lots of chemicals in cigarettes that contribute to the characteristically
putrid odor of sidestream smoke. If these chemicals survive incineration in
the cigarette they can probably hang around to contaminate the flavor of
roasted coffee as well.  I would be surprised, however, if the beans you
roasted tasted of cigarettes after roasting but the odor was not detectable
before. I would expect the green beans to have a perceptible odor.
But why would people who work for a coffee roaster and presumably
appreciate the flavor of good coffee be involved with smoking, I wonder?
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6) From: Bryce Decker
Message text written by INTERNET:homeroast
appreciate the flavor of good coffee be involved with smoking, I wonder?
Oh, Don!  A lot of superb roasters also smoke!  
         Have you heard the folks on this BB who cannot bear the aroma of
roasting coffee smoke?    It is heavenly to me and lots of others.  But
many find it unspeakably foul.
         But won't you grant there are quite dear  sweet and resonable
hearts who savor tobacco smoke?  We can come down on smokers with bad
manners who do it in our faces and leave bad smells behind them, and we can
come down on tobacco companies who market early death, if we like.  But
being involved in smoking does not make a  person bad.  They are merely out
of style today in the way they take their comfort..  -Bryce

7) From: drg
 Don Staricka wrote:
Every smoker I know is simply a residual of some kid's dumb decision, most
of them grow-up and even though they are flavor appreciation impaired, they
can tell my coffee is better than what they usually drink.
   jim gundlach
     roasting in a wok
       over wood

8) From: Don Staricka
I was just wondering . . .  I used to smoke about 20 years ago and I know
that my senses of taste and smell were severely compromised.  I fully
recovered but it took over a year after I quit for good.  The smell of
cigars and pipe tobacco don't bother me at all.  There are also some
British cigarettes that don't bother me such as Players and Sobranie. It is
mostly just the typical American cigarettes that have the obnoxious odor
and I suspect that is because of all the additives that are put in to alter
the flavor, nicotine content, combustion rate etc.  
I tend to be pretty nonjudgemental about these things.  If I sounded too
critical, I apologize. I know how hard it is to quit and I respect the
decision not to quit.
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9) From: Ken Wilson
Quote from Claudia Roden's "Coffee - A connoisseur's companion"
..... In severe weather, rubbish and pitch are being burnt near the
plantations.  The dense smoke saves the trees from frost and gives the
coffee a smokey flavour."
C'mon, Tom  - just the job with my morning kipper?

10) From: Mike Gastin
Don't know if I can call myself superb, but man do I like a good cigar!
Mike Gastin

11) From: Ken Wilson
Oh dear. I hope this isn't too far offtopic.
Translation as I have been requested offgroup:
A "kipper" is a **smoked** herring (an oily fish)- a common English
breakfast or light lunch.  Traditionally it was done as a method of
preserving it but the better ones have now almost reached gourmet standard.
(e.g. the Arbroath Smokie).
(At this stage Mandy is going to tell us all the Australian meaning ;-)
Hence smokey Guatemalan coffee would seem an obvious match?
I know the French also used to/do light bonfires to protect the vines if
frost threatened overnight but i don't believe the taste of the final wine
is affected.

12) From: Mike Gastin
Ok - Just an update ...
Thanks for the feedback. I have removed all coffee and coffee
equipment/utensils from said cupboard. I have a small batch of roasted Harar
that I can detect the perfume flavor.  As a test, I will roast up a
new batch of the Harar from my remaining green stock and see if the flavor
still comes through.
As to how the perfume was even in that cupboard ...well, let's just say I am
smart enough not to ask certain questions! (We have an uncomfortable couch
Mike Gastin

13) From: Bryce Decker
No offense taken.  One of the things about the net is how easily an
innocent expression can be mistaken for something  mean-spirited.  There is
no eye contact or iinflection of speech behind it to convey the genuine
feeling behind it.   It is a bit of an art, isn't it, expressing your  selt
on the net?   It is tricky, like  trying to  convey the various flavor
sensations we get from coffee
Message text written by INTERNET:homeroast
critical, I apologize. I know how hard it is to quit and I respect the
decision not to quit.

14) From: Steven Dover

15) From: Mike Gastin
Hi Steven!
Good to hear from you ...
Right now a Partagas or Cohiba would do the trick. OK - No more OT from me.
Mike G.

16) From: mgeis
Actually smoking a good cigar will seriously diminish one's capacity to
taste the coffee.  I am a former smoker who never understood the
cigar thing.  Now I don't understand smoking at all.

17) From: espressomio
I second that Geis!  I smoked cigars and a pipe for years, the pipe sometimes
burning my tongue and now while I enjoy coffee and can taste basically good
coffee from bad, I just can't taste some of the other qualities in the cup that
others seem to do.
mgeis wrote:
Richard (Dick) Heggs
Beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.
Homeroasting P(Mark I),espresso, drip--since 1997-established 1938http://members.home.net/espressomio/

18) From: Carol Lugg

19) From: Earl Hoing
Colorado Springs= Boulder Street Coffee Roasters. 382 Tejon Street [downt=
own.]  Roasted or green beans are same price. [Pricey.]
Denver= village roaster. 9255 w. Alemeda, Lakewood.  Nice selection--gree=
n half price of roasted. My choice for a small order.
Larger order NOTHING beats Sweet Maria's.
Earl =
"I look like this because Iíve traveled a long way, =
and some of the roads werenít paved."
 > From: heislord> To: homeroast=
e.com> Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 05:49:00 -0700> Subject: [Homeroast] Green Cof=
fee Question> > Before I ask my question, I don't want to get into trouble =
with the list, for > people thinking I don't buy my greens from Sweet Maria=
's. I do. I am even > planning a trip to Sweet Maria's next month, while I =
am in Calif.> > That said, both of our sons have birthdays in a couple of w=
eeks (as it > happens, they are 8 years and 2 days a part, and both were bo=
rn premature!). > We are planning on going to the Denver area for Valentine=
's weekend, to see > our oldest son. Since we currently have no real itiner=
ary, I was wondering if > anyone on the list knows of any places in the Den=
ver area, where they might > sell green coffee beans. I have done a google =
search, but keep coming up > empty, and thought I would ask the list, to se=
e if anyone knows of someone > that sells them in that area, or for that ma=
tter, in the Colorado Springs > area.> > Thanks a bunch!> > ----> Blessings=
!,> Carol> > "There is no pit so deep that Godís love is not deeper still=
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