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1) From: NOEL HONG
Questions about the Swissmar Alps roaster:
1. Does it leak smoke during the roasting process or just during the "cool" 
down phase?  Does the smoke only come from the exhaust port or from various 
2. During the ejection of the beans would it possible to let the hot beans 
drop into a homemade cooling device?
3. Planning to build a partial enclosure that can be hooked up to my dryer 
vent line.  Will a blower be necessary to adequately vent the smoke?
Noel V. Hong
email: nhong32590
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2) From: John
If you have the capability - take some shots of your enclosure. I'm
about to move my roasting out to the workshop and will need some sort of
venting if I want to breathe. 
On Sat, 2002-09-28 at 11:37, NOEL HONG wrote:
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3) From: Todd Smith
John and Noel,
 I've built an inexpensive venting system that I use on both my Alp and
Hearthware Precision, using ductwork parts and a duct booster fan.  My
exhaust system uses a chimney that is no longer used for our central heating
system.   I'll take some digital pictures and post them in the next few
 In answer to you questions...
1.  There is some smoke that comes out of the Alps during the roasting
2.  A homemade cooling device could be fashioned to collect the beans.
3.  If you use a dryer vent, I'd suggest using aluminum as the heat from the
roaster my be a bit much for a plastic vent hose.

4) From: Ken Parker
Hi Guys,
For another cheap venting system for the Alp, go tohttp://www.beyondthesecondcrack.com/index.htmand select "Venting An
AlpenRoast". I built this contraption a couple of years ago using an
inexpensive bathroom exhaust fan. It works great and my neighbors love
it when roasting is underway.
Ken Parker

5) From: R.N.Kyle
Ken that was really nice, thanks I'm thinking about getting an Alps and =
the vent will be easy to build and cost effective. thanks for the Post
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

6) From: Dave Huddle
My Alp vent is much cruder, uglier and maybe cheaper.
I use an inverted plastic storage box - cut out one side, and a hole in
the bottom (now the top).  Put a fan in the kitchen window - made a
connector hood out of a cardboard box and DUCT TAPE - to take the smoke
from the box to the fan.   I can adjust the draft through the box by
covering part of the open side with the the plastic cut from the side
of the box.
vent will be easy to build and cost effective. thanks for the Post
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