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Topic: Wish I'd bought a Rocky (5 msgs / 111 lines)
1) From: Paul Jolly
My Maestro is still working fine, but now I wish
I'd plunked down the extra c-note for the (far)
better machine.  I've only had the Maestro for
four months & I'm not looking forward to it
breaking down.  Darn.  Now I'll have to figure a
way to convince my wife that I really need the
Any ideas how I might do this, John?  You seem to
have to do such explaining on a monthly
basis...any words of wisdom will be greatly
"Sometimes it's better to ask forgiveness than to
ask permission."
PS Jim, what grinder are you using now?
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2) From: Mike McGinness
I'm in the same situation... actually beyond. Had my Maestro since Dec' and
the grind is way less even than before. I've pretty much decided on a Mazzer
Mini, though am in the same boat Debi wise;-) Christmas is coming...
BTW, Jim from La Place near Shorter being fueled by Pecans, has recently
made a home for a Rocky...
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting in Vancouver, WA USA
From: "Paul Jolly" 
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3) From: EuropaChris
Interesting to note, too, that I was really freaking out when my Silvia started delivering absolute dreck shots.  I thought it was the water, beans, roast, me, etc.  I finally pinned it to the grinder.
Also interesting to note that in addition to my 166, I have a nearly new Bodum Antigua grinder (same burr set). Side by side, the Bodum grinds wonderfully even and with little dust.  Only difference is amount of use each has seen.  They both reside at work doing duty for the Bunn B-10.  The 166 does OK for that duty, but it's still noticeable in the cup.  Everyone else doesn't notice as my coffee is light years ahead of the robusta-laden garbage the office brews.
Of course, my Rocky blows both away...
"Mike McGinness"  wrote:
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4) From: James Gundlach
On Monday, September 30, 2002, at 12:49 PM, Paul Jolly wrote:
I am not sure I'm the Jim you mean, I'm the one recently frustrated from 
the Solis 166.  I went ahead and got the Rocky.  The main thing I don't 
like about it is the dosser mechanism.  Someone on the list wrote that 
they removed the dosser mechanism from theirs, I'm thinking about 
following suit.  It does not look like it will be too difficult to 
remove,  and replace if I decide I want to put it back.  The thing I 
like the most is the lack of powder and the evenness of the grind.  At a 
very fine grind, I can spread a pinch of ground coffee quite thinly over 
a sheet of white paper and it looks kind of like vanilla seeds.  Each 
grain is so distinct and sharp edged.
Jim Gundlach
roasting over pecan wood fires
in La Place, Alabama
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5) From: R.N.Kyle
Mike I thought you had a Rocky? sorry for the incorrect post .
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

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