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Topic: SL90 shower head screen removal? (9 msgs / 133 lines)
1) From: The Scarlet Wombat
Okay, I've been convinced that I need to remove the shower head screen on 
my sl90 and make sure there are no stale grounds living there, waiting to 
sabotoge my god shots.
For sl90 owners, I could use a wee bit of help.  I feel the underside of 
the group head where the shower head screen is, and there is a very small 
slotted screw in the center.  Do I just remove this and the screen comes 
off?  I figure this is correct, but would rather find out before I delve in.
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2) From: Andrew Thomas
I think you are right, Dan. At least that's how it works on my Gaggia. Mine has a short flat-head machine screw in the middle of the shower head. Remove the screw and the screen should drop out or pull out with little effort. I have been using demi-pods (circles of filter paper on top of the puck) to keep the screen clean. It helps a lot, but some crud still gets into the group head -- don't ask me how.
--- The Scarlet Wombat  wrote:
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3) From: TFisher511
You are absolutely correct Dan. Just be careful because as I remember, it is 
a tiny screw and kind-of wants to go it's own way when it's loose. 
Have you tried cutting a paper filter disk the same diameter as the inside of 
the portafilter to protect the shower head from the grounds? I read about 
someone doing this quite a while back and it does seem to keep things a lot 
cleaner. I would be interested in comments.
Terry F
coconut writes:

4) From: The Scarlet Wombat
Thanks Terry.  No, I am not good with scissors and cutting a filter paper 
disk, while easy for some, is a monumental task for me.  I can write 
programs to guide moon rockets, but cutting a little disk daunts me.
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5) From: TFisher511
I knew if I checked long enough I could find something that you would pass on 
:-) If you felt the edges of the disks I cut there would be no doubt it takes 
more dexterity than I seem to have. They only cover part of the grounds.
Terry F
coconut writes:

6) From: Angelo
My method for cutting the demi-pods is to find  a circular object that fits 
the inside diameter of the basket. For my Silvia, a vitamin jar cap fits. 
Almost any cylindrical object would do....I then place this on a Melitta 
type cone  filter and cut around it with a small box cutter (an Xacto knife 
works well, too).
I have faith in you gentlemen to be able to do this after a few attempts. 
Just be a bit careful, at first.....
I can get about 6 filters from a #4 filter. You get two with each 
cutting...It shouldn't take more than 10 min, for the whole operation...
Have fun, guys...
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7) From: The Scarlet Wombat
Well, after hearing that I could be getting grounds up into the shower head 
in my sl90 by not tamping and letting the coffee pressagainst the shower 
head screen, I decided to take it off and see what lurks inside.
Nothing, not one bit of ground anything, clean as a whistle.
I always run a hot water shot through after pulling espresso or Americanos, 
and run cleaner through the machine once every month.  I guess I'll not 
worry about getting grounds up inside the shower head.
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8) From: EskWIRED
This is jut an untested idea, but it might work.
Wet the rim of the jar cap, and use it to make a wet circle on the filter
paer.  Then just rip the filter paper along the wet circle.  The wet paper
should rip very easily.
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9) From: Steven Van Dyke
Or go to the local craft store and buy a circle cutter...
Steve :->
http://www.svandyke.com<- my simple home page
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Special Events Photography stuff)

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