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Topic: NN 6 (7 msgs / 82 lines)
1) From: Michael Allen Smith
Netscape 6 will be out in a few weeks and hopefully the nightmare of coding
for Netscape will finally end.

2) From: Eric Bear Albrecht
At 6:35 AM -0500 3/28/00, Michael Allen Smith wrote:
What happened to 5?  Same thing as Word 2?
  (changes so massive that they skipped one)
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3) From: Michael Allen Smith
After AOL bought them, most of the developers left.  Now they are so far
behind in scheduled releases, that it is easier to bump up the number.   The
changes are supposedly going to make NN 100% HTML 4.0 compliant, which is
the good news.  The bad news is the application will be a pimp for the AOL

4) From: Tom & Maria
I am afraid it can only get worse ...I am really annoyed by the placement
of the "SHOP" button right by the "STOP" button in current versions. Since
I just use text-only buttons, I clicked it several times by accident...
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5) From: Eric Bear Albrecht
At 9:27 AM -0500 3/28/00, Michael Allen Smith wrote:
Color me surprised!!  :o
Jim Bidzos:
They have to standardize on a random number first
Lynn McNulty:
I am at a loss for a comeback on that one
Dennis Branstad:
The standard random number is 29
(1993 RSA Data Security Conference)

6) From: Michael Allen Smith
This may make all those Microsoft haters rethink who is greater villian: AOL
or Bill Gates?

7) From: Michael Snow
Well, I think I'll just wait for the final version of iCab to come 
out. Once JavaScript is fully implemented, I'll have no reason 
whatsoever to use Netscape.
Michael Snow
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