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Topic: Best way to degas fresh roast? (13 msgs / 213 lines)
1) From: Darren Conrad
As a newbie to the home roasting scene, I've seen numerous references to
letting freshly roasted beans rest to degas for a day or so.  But how best to
store the beans while this happens?
I've taken to placing the cooled beans in glass mason jars and leaving the lids
off or just leaving them loosely attached.  I've noticed that the jars will
release quite a burst of air when opened if I tighten the lids too soon. 
Should they be placed in an open container like a bowl to release the CO2?
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2) From: Dan Bollinger
The most common method is in a glass jar with the lid resting loosely on
top.  This lets the CO2 escape along with some of the O2, but doesn't let
more O2 back in.  Tighten the lids down after a day or two, that is if the
beans last that long!  Dan
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3) From: Gary Zimmerman
Darren Conrad wrote:
That's what I do too.  I generally tighten the lids the next day.
-- garyZ
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4) From: Bart Frazee
On Thu, 10 Oct 2002 12:38:10 -0700 (PDT), you wrote:
best to
the lids
The co2 will release, whatever you do. If sealed in a fragile
container the container could rupture. If in an open container, the o2
will cause it to stale.
I've had the opportunity to visit two professional roasters. They both
store their roasted beans in plastic containers with one way valves,
which let the co2 push the o2 out and prevent the co2 from building up
pressure. I use the bags SM sells for this.
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5) From: Ben Treichel
Bart Frazee wrote:
so do I.

6) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Dan Bollinger" 
This method 'may' be the most common, the question is and was what is the
'best'. The answer to that question may be somewhat taste subjective and
therefore definitively unanswerable. That is not the method I use (and some
other home roasters I can think of.) After cooling my roasts go directly
into mason jars and vacuum sealed. Has anyone done comparisons between vac
versus no vac short term rest flavor? I really haven't (yet;-) Plans are to
include just that in the long term vac versus vac + Fresh Pak taste testing
coming up 10/20.
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7) From: Steven Dover

8) From: Dan Bollinger
Mike, Right you are, it wasn't and isn't.  My storage method is definitely
the best.  I drink up the beans before the go stale or give them to friends
when they do.  ;)  Dan
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9) From: EskWIRED
 Me Too!
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10) From: Jim Garlits
Seems thats the whole point of this affair, eh?
You should all take pity on me.  I had a coffee shop and bookstore that went
under, and the bank got my Diedrich IRC-7 roaster, and I'm back to
Hearthware.  I'm learning not to throw seven pounds of beans into that
little glass globe.

11) From: R.N.Kyle
Shame on the bank, getting your Dietrich, did they get your stock to?
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

12) From: Jim Garlits
Most of it.  :)

13) From: Dan Bollinger
Why not look at the bright side?  No you don't have to throw away 6 pounds
just for the one pound you'll drink.  ;)    Dan
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