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Topic: Centrifugal vs. Updraft style poppers...a call (5 msgs / 119 lines)
1) From: Angelo
I would like the engineer/tech guys to weigh in on this old, "set-in-stone" 
maxim that the updraft-style popper is inherently more dangerous than the 
one with the side vents...
The below answer given by Susan, an admitted newbie, is the one given by 
many oldies whenever the question comes up.
I would like someone to show me how the design of the Updraft (UD) popper 
is more prone to burn chaff.
My observations of both types leads me to believe that you have a greater 
chance of a fire with the Side Vent (SV)model for the simple reason that 
both the vents which pour out the heat and the vents which pull in the 
cooler air have larger openings than the UD model. As a matter of fact, the 
Salton UD has no side openings (and very small bottom openings) for the 
chaff to be sucked back into.
The popcorn pumpers and poppery SV models, on the other hand, have many 
large vents around the perimeter of the bottom and the exothermic side 
vents are larger openings.....
If we are concerned that the holes which emit the heat might become an 
entrance for the chaff to fall back into when the popper stops, here again, 
the holes on the UD models are quite tiny, and any chaff that could 
possibly get in would have to be almost dust- (as I mentioned to Susan, I 
roast sesame seeds in mine).
Well, there you have my take on this...I'm willing to be convinced 
otherwise, but please don't give me the old,  "the shank of lamb has to be 
only that size because it's stated in the recipe that has been handed down 
for generations" argument. We all know how that story ended...the 
grandmother didn't have a large enough pot..:-)
Let's put this thing to rest once and for all... and if can be done it will 
be done here.  Then again, it may join the tamp/no tamp, exo-/endo-thermic 
bursts, vac/no vac storage, whole/2%/skim/soy/fat-free/none milk steaming, 
etc.  unsolved mysteries in Coffee Hall of Fame  :-)
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2) From: Mark Storkamp
At 06:52 PM 10/11/02 -0400, you wrote:
My take on it: There is a fine screen on the bottom of the UD popper that 
keeps the corn from falling through and onto the counter.  The side vent 
style has no such screen. If the side vent style sucks up stray chaff, it 
just blows on through and back out the top. If the UD style draws in chaff, 
it gets stuck against the bottom side of the screen, blocks the air, and 
potentially catches fire.
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3) From: EskWIRED
I'm neither an engineer nor a tech guy, but I see no reason why the  updraft
style would be more dangerous.  The air exits the hole at a great velocity,
blowing the chaff out the top.  No air gets sucked back in at any point.
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4) From: Ken Mary
The small screen trapping chaff underneath (Mark's post) seems like a good
argument to me against the updraft style poppers. But I have seen chaff
trapped in the heater assembly of all my poppers. Occasionally when roasting
in dim light, I see sparks from the ignited chaff flying out the top when
the heater is turned on to check it out pre-roast.
My main argument against the updraft style is poor mixing with any amount of
beans. I did not like the roast results either, so my updraft poppers are
used for parts or experiments. I no longer buy these when thrift store
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5) From: R.N.Kyle
Ken that's my general consciences about the up draft poppers, the mixing =
is poor, I was never really concerned about possible fire hazard. If =
enough did get caught in between the heat element and the screen, to =
obstruct sufficient air flow, thus overloading the heating element I =
could see the possible fire hazard existing, I don't think, and from my =
experience in using an up draft popper that this would happen. I may be =
wrong, but do not see it as a real problem.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

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