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Topic: Best Water for New Espresso Machine (8 msgs / 110 lines)
1) From: C.Taylor & K.Iconis
Many thanks to all who made suggestions on my Aesthetic question about 
higher end expresso machines. I found a deal on an ECM Giotto too good 
to pass up so it is "in the mail."
In reading many posts and reviews I note a few comments on water.  Some 
suggest using a Brita filter or some such thing.  I have well water 
with much limestone.  I already have an in-line filter for the Franke 
faucet that I use for coffee water which by-passes the softener.  I 
still have problems with calcification.
Suggestions welcome.
Chuck Taylor
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2) From: EuropaChris
The only way to eliminate lime buildup is an ion exchange softener system (using salt) or a reverse osmosis filter.  We have a whole house softener that I use for making espresso, but for coffee in the vac pot, I use straight tap water (28 grains hardness!!!)  Softened water makes lousy coffee.
I also have a water distiller, and I'll use an 80% distilled/20% (or close to that)hard water mix in the espresso machine with great results, being more rich than softened water.  It's just more a hassle to run the distiller all the time.
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3) From: The Scarlet Wombat
Chuck, I'm quite interested in the Giotto or Livia 90, so will be very 
interested in your experiences once you have time to become acquainted with 
your new darling.
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4) From: Jim Schulman
I posted an insanely long water faq on alt.coffee, appropriately
called "insanely long water faq." If it doesn't put you to sleep,
it'll tell you everything you want to know.
Go tohttp://groups.google.com/-- type in alt.coffee -- then type in
the title and check the search alt.coffee box.
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5) From: Jeffrey A. Bertoia
That is an excellent dissertation on water!  Thanks!
Jim Schulman wrote:
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6) From: TFisher511
And an excellent article that is. I read the whole thing, every word, and no 
signs of boredom or sleep.
Thanks Jim,
Terry F
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7) From: Jim Schulman
Thanks. Seems the roasters list people have a longer 
attention span than the alt.coffee crowd ;)
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8) From: susan oppenheim
the roasters list is drinking the best coffee on the planet
and they don't exactly sleep ............
some times I can fetch 53 e mails on a weekend
ha ha
Jim Schulman wrote:
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