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1) From: Ralph Rosen
I'm also thinking of moving from the Rocky to the Mazzer, but am 
concerned about the height. Can the top part be easily detached from 
the base, so it can be easily stowed under the kitchen cabinets when 
not in use? This is the one thought I had to overcome what looks to 
me like a quarter-inch height problem in my kitchen!
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2) From: Jim Schulman
I store the hopper, and grind single doses of beans in 
the grinder throat. Any 58mm basket or tamper will work 
as a plug. The hopper comes out for company.
On 16 Oct 2002 at 8:26, Ralph Rosen wrote:
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3) From: Michael Scott
Can you cut down or remove/modify the feet at the bottom of the grinder??
On 10/16/02 5:14 PM, "Jim Schulman"  wrote:
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4) From: Dan Bollinger
It's more OUR problem than THEIR problem.  The Mazzers are commercial
grinders and not intended for residential use.  They could care less about
our American counter height.  A smaller, optional hopper might be nice,
though.  Have you all noticed how the Mazzer logo plate is on the 'back?'
That's because for Mazzer it is the front, the side that faces the customers
when they buy their espressos.  That's also why the electrical cord exits on
what we call the 'front' but what they would call the 'back' (and of course
the appropriate place to exit a power cord.
I'll be modifying my Mazzer Mini for residential, counter use.  I'll post
some photos of what I do.  Dan
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5) From: Jim Schulman
On 16 Oct 2002 at 19:42, Michael Scott wrote:
I don't, but some people have. I don't much like the idea. There's a tray that clips 
into the feet, which I find convenient for catching stray grinds.
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6) From: susan oppenheim
it seems to me that the manufacturer of the Mazzer should be making this
thing to "FIT"...........It looks like a common obstacle
Ralph Rosen wrote:
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7) From: NOEL HONG
Simple solution is to replace hopper with either an unused portafilter 
basket or a tamper (56-58mm).  Works great for single shots. Inexpensive. 
Tamper reduces the popcorn effect.
Noel V. Hong
email: nhong32590
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