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Topic: New Way to Roast Coffee? (10 msgs / 194 lines)
1) From: Leslie Smith
I stumbled across the following web site today.  Wow, is about all I can say.http://www.smilescoffee.com/   - Leslie Smith
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2) From: floyd burton
Gee and they are from Utah-something about mormons and caffine

3) From: Jim Schulman
I stumbled across the microwave packet roasting last year; its the same principle as the 
popcorn packets, and ought to work fine. 
But ... At first I thought great, when will they sell this microwave roasting paper 
cheaply in the stores? Turns out it's made of metal powder glued to a backing. The glue 
vaporizes partially during the heating process and dopes the food with some of the 
solvents. My doc brother advised me to stay away from it for the next ten years or so 
until the long term health risks are clear.
Carbon tet with that coffee, anyone?
On 15 Oct 2002 at 11:57, Leslie Smith wrote:
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4) From: susan oppenheim
the odd thing is you cannot get a bad cup of coffee from a campesino-rural farmer in latin
america.They pick the beans red and bursting-dry them in the rich sunlight on wooden trays
for as long as it takes-roast them over an open fire in a well seasoned iron pan with  the
cloud curtain above you-grind them  out by hand in a molino-put them in a sock like filter
called a choreador and enjoy this in old tin cups with sugar very strong and dark and
discuss and discuss and discuss................
I couldn't get past that microwave thing..............
anyone want to take a trip where the coffee grows
ask me anytime
Susan Oppenheim
now in Toronto..sigh.......
la gringa con el gusto de cafe
Jim Schulman wrote:
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5) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Leslie Smith" 
Interesting concept suited for the American 'microwave' society. In the name
of science I ordered the 'free' $9.95 whirly chop and coffee samples. I
chose Sumatra, Kona Blend & Columbian. Now I just need to remember to cancel
as soon as the intro' offer arrives!
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
Limping along with Solis Maestro grindin'
Wearing my arms out with Zass Turkish Mill
Christmas is coming!!!
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6) From: Jeffrey A. Bertoia
It will be kind of interesting...  A microwave works by exciting water. 
 So as
I understand it it can't get significantly above 212F.  I'd be 
interested in finding
out just how roasted is 'par-roasted'....
Mike McGinness wrote:
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7) From: Gary White
I don't think the temp in a microwave is limited to 212F.  I've seen plenty
of steam in a microwave, not to mention a few incinerated items.
Regardless, this method sounds like it probably produces crappy coffee.  I
got a pretty good kick out of the whole concept. (maybe that's where they
got the "Smiles Coffee" name)  I wonder if Uncle Ben is going to jump on the
bandwagon next.

8) From: Jeffrey A. Bertoia
I reread what I wrote and am embarrassed.  I completely forgot about
adding metals to the food carriers (Like popcorn bags).
Indeed they do get much hotter!
Gary White wrote:
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9) From: Dan Bollinger
I agree.  I've made roux in the microwave using only oil and flour.  The
mixture gets hot enough that the flour browns.  Maillard Reaction, right?
Sounds like it could work for coffee, too.  Dan

10) From: Gary White
Yeah, I hate it when that happens.  Too bad email programs don't have a
logic checker that works like a spell checker when you hit the send button.
(either that or a recall function that lets you pull back an email after you
realize that your brain wasn't connected to your fingers when you were
typing it)

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