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Topic: Roasting fool take two.... (11 msgs / 323 lines)
1) From: Mike McGinness
Or make that take 14 - roast batches for the day. One before work, 12 back
to back after work before dinner, and now before bed just roasted still
cooling batch #14 of 'ringer' number 3 for the Kona cupping Sunday, Panama
Mama Cata...:-)
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Really wondering about my sanity at times...:-) Hey, it seemed like a good
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2) From: R.N.Kyle
Dang Mike what a roasting session, you may have just set the record for =
home roasting in one day.
I forgot that Les will cupping Songbird when he gets home. I will be =
looking forward to his cupping results.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

3) From: Mike McGinness
From: "R.N.Kyle" 
home roasting in one day.
Not really. I'm sure others have done similar. I've actually done more. Last
December I roasted over 8 straight hours for Christmas gift coffee,
something like 24 back to back batches, don't remember the exact number and
am too lazy to look it up!:-)
BTW, the Caffe' Rosto can take it. Forget that cooling between batches
(other than bean cool down cycle.) I always start my roasting sessions by
pre-heating the Rosto so timing is the same as back to back. I'm still using
the same Rosto... (bought a second Rosto when I thought this one was dying,
my mistake. Batteries low in DMM giving false voltage readings on variac!)
BTW again, love the variac. This session started at 76f ambient and last
batch at 62f. Roasted all to same 440f 11:30 total time 6min 380 to 440
development stage. (give or take 5sec)
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
Limping along with Solis Maestro grindin'
Christmas is coming!!!
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4) From: Jim Garlits
In a couple years, after I rebound from my current "troubles" my neighbors
won't be able to say a word to me, because I'll have refurbished my garage
with another Diedrich and an afterburner.  To the right of it will be about
15 bags of beans, to the right of it will be shelving and a work surface
with my sealing and labeling equipment.  The only clue that it isn't a
garage anymore will be the Selkirk vent pipe slightly protruding from the
roof.  I can't wait.  It'll give new force to the phrase "home roasting."
Jim G.

5) From: R.N.Kyle
Mike you are the MAN
keep on roasting, BTW I'm ready for the next test :O)
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

6) From: R.N.Kyle
Sorry Mike, but I think Jim's the MAN
WOW what a home roasters dream, I'm green with envy.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

7) From: R.N.Kyle
Well Mike you are still the MAN, Jim will be the MAN in 2 more years., =
but by then you will have had time to go for that big drum roaster you =
were drooling over.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

8) From: John Abbott
Yeah, now all we need is Jim's address :O)  How about a little company
dropping by Jim?

9) From: Jim Garlits
Make sure you come through the gate into the back yard.  :)

10) From: Les & Becky
With that size roaster he won't be green very long!  It is all going to turn
brown fast!!!
As my father-in-law says, "I am not envious, I wish I had his and he had a
bigger one!"

11) From: R.N.Kyle
Yea brown a nice color. I bet its nice to be home. It's always nice to =
go away, but there is no place like home.
and the coffee we make there.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

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