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1) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
I thought that I can rely on the Wall Street Journal for information on new
things ... but after reading the home coffee roasting article by Daniel
Nasaw in today's (Friday, October 18, 2002) WSJ, my opinion about Wall
Street Journal reporting decreased at least an order of magnitude.  How many
home coffee roasters will write a "Letter to the Editors" to the WSJ
pointing out the errors and omissions in that piece?
Regards, Lubos
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2) From: EskWIRED
I looked for it online.  Could somebody who found it please cut 'n' paste it
to the list?
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3) From: Lissa
On Fri, 2002-10-18 at 08:22, EskWIRED wrote:
That would be a violation of copyright.  If you live in the US, I'll bet
you dimes to donuts that your local public library has the Wall Street
Journal, on paper if not online, and can get you a copy of the article.
Be well,
You can't depend on your judgment when your
imagination is out of focus.
				Mark Twain
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4) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
"I looked for it online.  Could somebody who found it please cut 'n' paste
it to the list?" wrote EskWIRED about Home Roasting article in today's wall
Street Journal.
I do not recommend that someone does it without getting a permission from
the WSJ. I am afraid that posting it without permission could get Sweet
Maria's and Tom in some legal trouble for posting copyrighted items without
permission.  The WSJ clearly states:
"If your company is covered by a Copyright Clearance Center Annual
Authorization Service Agreement, you may photocopy articles for internal
corporate use only. Any other reproduction or redistribution of WSJ.com
content requires permission from us. Some forms of reproduction and
distribution will require you to pay a licensing fee."
"For information regarding customized, print copy reprints in bulk: Call
JournalReprints at 1-800-843-0008."
"To post articles on a Web site or distribute articles via e-mail: Visit Dow
Jones WebReprintsm Service athttp://www.djreprints.comor call
"In all cases, if permission is granted, stories must be reproduced in their
entirety, unedited, and accompanied by the below-listed copyright statement
and credit. Dow Jones will only grant permission for content for which it
owns the rights. You must contact the third party rights holders directly
for permission."
Yes, I know that the article has been posted by Dan Newman,
dnn34 on the alt.coffee News Group as the "Wall Street Journal
Covers Home Coffee Roasting Friday 10-18-2002" thread. You can read it over
The article starts (brief quotations are permitted by the copyright law):
"When he hears people call Starbucks gourmet coffee, Richard Musk scoffs.
Since he got a home coffee roaster this spring, Mr. Musk has been starting
out each morning with a freshly brewed cup of Sumatra Mandheling, grade 1.
"You just get a much stronger sense of the coffee," says the Newtown, Conn.,
musician, who used to favor Starbucks' Verona blend."
"Still, even fans say the process isn't always easy. "It's not like making
toast," says Sweet Maria's founder Maria Troy (which may help explain why
even makers say these are a niche product.)"
Regards, Lubos
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5) From: Dan Bollinger
fyi:  The article is posted enmass on alt.coffee   I'm going to read it now.
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6) From: Jim Garlits
The last good shows on coffee I saw were Mario Eats Italy and a special the
food network did on Community Coffee in Louisiana.  And my wife and I were
both on the edge of our seats going, "no!  no thats not right!"
Jim G.

7) From: Jim Garlits
You can cut and paste parts of the article "for review" as long as you don't
post the whole thing.  That doesn't violate the copyright.  Just paste the
Jim G.

8) From: EskWIRED
Yes, I know.  But I don't care.
 If you live in the
If it were up to the copyright holders, libraries would be illegal.  They
tried to ban playing music on the radio, tried to ban home video recorders,
and now are tying to do all kinds of other evil stuff.
BTW, the article is now available on alt.coffee.
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9) From: EskWIRED
The safe harbor provision of the DMCA should cover them just fine.
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10) From: Jack Berry
I sure hope I violated a WSJ copyright when I read that article. WSJ sends
enough junk mail to my office the I owe then at least one.
I was surprised that the one roaster they interviewed about the aroma of
roasting coffee has a nasal disorder (or is that dis-odor?). Who couldn't
like the aroma of fresh roasting beans once a little smoke has cleared? I
love it!

11) From: Dan Bollinger
Is there an echo in here?   ;)
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12) From: Mike & Tonya Connell
Good Eats had a nice show on coffee as well. Looked and the only thing I
could see that she might have seen was Food Finds had a show about breakfast
stuff and one place was Summit Coffee in Davidson, NC.

13) From: Ken Mary
The RIAA has killed internet radio.http://inetprogramming.us/latestnews.html--
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14) From: sho2go
This is pretty much a fluff piece, no egregious errors except for a bit
about a "burning rubber" smell while roasting, and the neighbors not being
pleased about the smell.  I suspect if I was Mike M.'s neighbors, after a
marathon roasting session I might be a little disgruntled too............
Mike T.
San Diego
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15) From: Mike McGinness
From: "sho2go" 
Nope, they come looking for "theirs"!
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
Limping along with Solis Maestro grindin'
Christmas is coming!!!
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16) From: coffee
AMEN!!  my immediate neighbor to my right comes
trotting over with his foil vacuum bag (from Tom) and
says in a stage whisper to my wife "Hope he's roasting
I missed the article, but wonder what the emphasis was
in the article - a growing hobby, a group of nuts,
concern for the coffee growers????
John - enjoying a great cup of CRLM
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17) From: The Scarlet Wombat
I've had  neighbors giving  loud parties until three in the morning, I 
don't give a damn if they dislike my roasting aromas.
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18) From: EskWIRED
Yep.  They tried it with pretty much every new media.  Their recent
victories are short-sighted, however.  They are now choosing to prosecute
their biggest fans.
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19) From: Rick Farris
Jim wrote:
You mean the one where he spends the whole show calling it "expresso?"
-- Rick
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20) From: Jim Garlits
that be da one
Jim G.

21) From: susan oppenheim
You have to pay to subscribe on line to the WSJ
I would love to see that article as well
also a friend called up to say the food channel had done a whole show last
night on coffee -Oct 17
anyone see it?
EskWIRED wrote:
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