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Topic: 1st Zass Turkish Mill shot (6 msgs / 146 lines)
1) From: Mike McGinness
I just ground & pulled my first double shot using the Zass Turkish mill.
Ground my usual 18gr. Beautiful even fine grind that took FOREVER! (adjusted
about 2/3 turn backed off from tight) 25sec pulled a beautiful double
ristretto, 'bout 1.5oz. Obviously need slightly coarser for regular double
shot. Thankfully it's primary planned use is Moka Pot (slightly coarser yet
I believe) and French Press (quite a bit coarser) for travel, will see how
long the coarser grinds take. My 6-tasse Moka Pot scheduled to arrive today
so will see how it works soon...
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
Limping along with Solis Maestro grindin'
Christmas is coming!!!
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2) From: coffee
We are packing for a week up Nawth (el Norde for
Charlie) and the BIG Zass is going along with two of
the French Presses and the electric kettle. I'm also
taking 9 pounds of coffee (family of coffee swillers).
We REALLY need to design that portable coffee bar!
John - roasting all day all night yes I can! (sung to
Mary Ann) 
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3) From: Al Raden
After reading your post, I decided to try my Zass for a shot.  I've 
always used it for french press, vacuum pot, etc, but never for 
espresso.  I have a Solis 166 that I use for that.  Lately, after 
reading all the posts about Solis's getting worse with wear, I've 
noticed that my shots have been getting bitter, with some grounds in the 
bottom of the cup..
Adjusted the Zass 3/4 backed off from tight, and ground away.  It took 
124 handle rotations to finish 18gr.  What a great tasting shot!
Now, I'm going to have to use the Zass all the time (until I can afford 
something better).  Soon, I'll probably have the arms of Popeye.
al r.
Mike McGinness wrote:
- Al Raden
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4) From: John Abbott
Good thinks are never easy :O)   I love my Zass - but I have the big
antique, covered hopper, and its easy to crank.

5) From: Jim Gundlach
On Friday, October 18, 2002, at 02:48 PM, Al Raden wrote:
After using the Zass for about five weeks, I was so glad to see the 
Rocky finally arrive.  I am very happy with it now that I took the 
doser off.
Jim Gundlach
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6) From: John Abbott
As true as this is - I meant good things ;))

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