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1) From: John Abbott
   I've just been informed that two of the family members meeting next week
are decaf drinkers. That's the bad news, the good news is that they have an
espresso machine that they will be bringing.  QUESTION: the best decaf beans
for espresso? We love Ghimbi for a brewed pot, but it doesn't make it as an
espresso IMCSAO
John - getting ready to wander Nawth Texas Y'all
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2) From: Jim Schulman
The Ghimbi on its own is a little too fruity. I used to do it 50/50 with the 
very good decaf Narino del Abuela which adds a nice chocolate malt taste. 
I just tried it 50/50 with the new (not Swiss) water decaf Sulawesi and I'm 
was totally blown away (is the decaf Sul better than the regular one?). The 
chocolate flavors were dark rather than milk (my preference). In addition, the 
Sulawesi forest tastes picked up that heady yemen liquoer flavor that's much 
more subdued in all Ethiopians except Yrg.
On 19 Oct 2002 at 0:14, John Abbott wrote:
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3) From: John Abbott

4) From: John Abbott
Opps - guess I was speechless ;)  I'll get some of the Sulawesi on order and
give it a try.  I don't do much blending and have never tried any as decaf,
so this should be fun and educational - well ok - fun!
Thanks Jim

5) From: C. Marley
Jim Schulman wrote:
I found another nice combination by accident: La Magnolia and Timor
Aifu.  I had a little left of each and decided to just throw them
together to make a full pot.  The LM has a distinct fruity/acid
character, and the Timor, a deep chocolate flavor.  The result is a
little like chocolate covered cherries.  Yummy!
For the conservation of the Tibetan Lhasa Apso,
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6) From: NOEL HONG
50/50 Ghimbi/Sulawesi decaf espresso blend sounds good. I'm seeking a nice 
deep chocholate decaf espresso blend. To what level did you roast the Ghimbi 
and Sulawesi? What type of roaster?  A personal favorite of mine for a 
reduced caffeine blend has been 50/50 Ghimbi/Guatemalan Antigua Finca Bella 
Carmona(not a typical Guat in that it's more choch,significantly less fruity 
than a Huehue) both roasted anywhere between just into up to 40sec into the 
2nd crack(HWP for Ghimbi, ALPs for Guat). I taste a blueberry-chocholate 
when both are roasted to 40sec 2nd Crack.
Noel V. Hong
email: nhong32590
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7) From: Jim Schulman
On 19 Oct 2002 at 11:37, NOEL HONG wrote:
I'll have to try the Bella Carmona, my Guats so far have been fruity or 
smoky/spicy (great place for a "one country" blend).
I roast on an FR+/Variac combo. My current profile is to do whatever it takes to 
roast exactly five minutes from the start of the first crack to the end of the 
roast. These two beans can be preblended, and I like it to the bare start of a 
rolling second.
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