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1) From: Ben Treichel
Has anybody who uses a chimney on a FR got beyond 5 mins @ 2nd crack? I 
can up my roast size from 68 to 99 grams, but really haven't been able 
to extend roast times. What are you all seeing?
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2) From: Charlie Herlihy
 I haven't tried 99 grams yet- I will now-but I don't like
second crack to come before 8 or 9 minutes. I use the soup can
chimney. Every 20 seconds (or so)I turn to cool for 5 seconds(or
so). The "or so's" are because both ambiente temp and different
density or maybe humidity of different beans affect how fast
both first and second crack happen. I'm getting very very good
roasts of 70 grams this way. 
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3) From: Simpson
Have you tried decreasing the amount of beans? That will make for a cooler,
hence slower, roast.
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On 10/19/2002 at 11:20 PM Ben Treichel wrote:
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4) From: Jim Schulman
The chimney does a little, but not a lot, to extend roast times. It's a way of 
preventing the beans from hanging at the top of the roaster. I've been using one 
since within a week of getting the FR+ last christmas. 
Unfortunately, I forgot who gave me the tip about using one for this purpose, my 
guess is whoever it was originated the idea, since I got the unit very soon after 
it came out.
On 19 Oct 2002 at 23:20, Ben Treichel wrote:
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5) From: R.N.Kyle
Ben I use a chimney on my FR+ The main reason was to keep the beans from =
sticking in the chaff collector. 
Cathy was the list member that got most of us into using one
Cathy posted
A Campbell's soup can fits exactly, if you cut off the bottom of an open =
and cut a notch for the handle of the roasting chamber in the former top =
The top of the can fits the outside of the chamber exactly, and the =
bottom of
the can fits neatly inside the chaff collector.http://www.lhasa-apso.org/private/frdhimney.jpgI know this didn't answer your question per/say. 
when I first tried it, it seemed to extend the roast about 3 min. The =
more I used it it seemed to adjust itself closer to the original =
profile,I was using it at full length. I eventually shorten mine to 2 =
inches, and haven't notice any change in roast time but I can do 85 grs. =
with no clogs, and as Jim S. said it still allows the chaff to collect =
nicely in the collector. 
I lengthen my roast the same as Charlie, and I'm sure a lot of other FR =
users by dialing back to the cool position several time in the roast =
session. I usually shoot for a 10 min. roast and 2 min. cool total 12 =
I have notice in using the larger batch size I  have to rock the FR for =
several min. like Mike M does with his Rosto. So lately I've been doing =
65 grm batches, and it is less trouble.
good luck
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

6) From: Ben Treichel
Actually I tried the bigger batch in my FR+ and found the roast times 
too short, and dropped down to 68 grams which gave me around 5 mins. I 
did find that with the chimney I could roast the bigger batches ( 6 
cups, instead of four). I did notice that it helped to cycle into cool 
 until I got resonable bean movement. That does extend the roast past 5 
Simpson wrote:

7) From: Ben Treichel
R.N.Kyle wrote:
Interesting, I slid the soup can over the lower part of the chaff 
collector and elimnated the top. I have a 'roasting chamber built that 
the FR sits in, with a glass door & a bathroom fan to draw the air thru 
the chamber and vent to the outside. Since its a 50 cfm fan, and about a 
3 ft3 chamber so the air changes about 15 to 20 times a second. Also the 
chamber is a little lower pressure than the room, so air flows in from 
leaks around the door, and some holes in the back bottom.

8) From: Ben Treichel
Opps make that a 15 to 20 times a minute.
Ben Treichel wrote:

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