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Topic: Stalled at 380 degrees F.! (6 msgs / 171 lines)
1) From: Ed Needham
Did you have a small batch size?  Smaller batches sometimes have trouble
getting up to temperature in hot air roasters.  Larger batches slow the air
more and allow more heat to build up.  Surely the Cafferosto can roast at 65F
ambient without a problem...unless there's a malfunction.
Ed Needhamhttp://www.homeroaster.comed

2) From: Rick Farris
Michael wrote:
MINUS EIGHTY FIVE DEGREES?  I should hope it would account for a slow roast!
-- Rick
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3) From: Bob Trancho
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Your stalled roast could be the result of a few things:
1. If you forgot to reinstall the chaff screen after the last clean-out, the
secondary screen would clog quckily and inhibit air flow to the point where
you'd never get to a high temp.  I know this from experience.
2. If the Iskandar is particularly "chaffy", it could clog up both chaff
screens, though I've never had a bean that was so bad the it stalled the
3. 65f is about my normal house temp in the winter and I've never had much
of a problem with that ambient temperature.  Was there anything running on
the electrical circuit that the Rosto was using?  It is VERY voltage
Bob Trancho

4) From: hlhurd
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Michael wrote "The only difference was the ambient temperature on my roof --
85 degrees F. during the last batch vs 65 degrees F for this one.  Would
this account for it?"
Yes the delta in ambient temp could be your problem.  I live in Michigan and
outdoor roasting is over for the year for my Rosto.  Also what is your
rooftop power source?
My other big mistake with the Rosto was using extension cords.  A small
voltage drop is enough to cause trouble..  If you come up with a way to
insulate the unit please post it.  Good luck

5) From: Mike McGinness
(same input another post, but applies directly here too)
Yes, they do come in varying degrees of 'heat'. I have two now. One runs
about 15f hotter than the other. My cooler running unit I had last Winter
and roasted in 30f no problem with 3x3x3 open top box (front side also able
to open like a draw bridge to adjust degree of re-cirulation) without aid of
variac increased voltage.
I can roast 3oz to 8oz batches by weight. (above 6oz really takes skilled
rocking technique else excessive greens end up in chaff collector blocking
air re-circulation.)
Any Rosto that won't roast 1/4-1/3# batches in temperatures as low as 60f
with 120v, to rolling 2nd, in no more than 13min, should be sent back as
defective IMNSHO. With no boxes or vent blocking. I'm still lowering the
voltage on variac at 60f to not roast to fast!
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6) From: EskWIRED
Naw, he clearly wrote "minus minus", so it must be "plus".  HTH.
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