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1) From: Dan Bollinger
Sherwin-Williams sent me the huge, 8x10 color chips for the coffee roast
colors I selected.  I've cut them into 2x2 squares and placed them in
envelopes.  Anyone want these?  First come, first serve.  Just send me an
email with your mailing address.  No charge. You can buy me a cup someday.
As general roasting indicators color is not very useful.  But, for specific
beans they might be a useful comparison.  People roast using many
indicators. If you hear someone say about the Panama La Berlina 2002 crop...
....into 2nd crack
....to 430
....10.5 minutes in a Rosto
....setting 8 on a HWP
....Agtron 45
....smelled like walnut shells burning
....tasted like blueberries and chocolate
....are they talking about the La Berlina roasted to the same degree or not?
Comparing colors would be a way of comparing roasts, but only for the exact
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2) From: tk
Sounds like a good idea.
Could you give me an idea as to which set of SW numbers you
decided on to represent the various agtron numbers?

3) From: John Abbott
So I pick today to go swimming early!  If there are any unclaimed I'd love a
La Berlina is a tremendous bean!!  It comes off a true 90 to my cupping.
Worked well in any brewing method. I did the roasts in the HotTop at a
setting of 5 (now there's some meaningless data :O) It has a very full body,
nutty and chocolate tones rock!

4) From: Dan Bollinger
It's my favorite, too.  Send me your mailing address, John.  Dan

5) From: Tom & Maria
You know ... on the subject of color chips there was also a feature 
article in the SCAA Bulletin a while back about how you can use Adobe 
Photoshop to create color-corrected chips. I will try to dig that 
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6) From: EskWIRED
That would be great, Tom.  You would do us all a service.
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7) From: Dan Bollinger
Those went fast!  All of the chips have found a new home, and I even
remembered to keep a set for myself.  :)   I can do this again, but want a
little time to pass before I hit SW up for 8 more of the large 8x10 color
chips.  Dan

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