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Topic: Blending different grades of roast (5 msgs / 98 lines)
1) From: Becky and Nikos
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Does anyone blend different roast grades of SM Monkey Blend and what are =
you aiming for? How about single varieties? Do you have any case =
Nikos Tzetos
Portland, Oregon

2) From: John Abbott
Hi Nikos,
   I'm sure you'll get several answers to this one.  I roast a mélange of SM
MB. I go from City to Vienna,  I wasn't aiming for anything special just
wanted to see how it tasted.  I really prefer it at full city and had over
roasted (for me) a batch, roasted a lighter batch (city) and blended.  Not
all that good for my buds.  I really like it best at full city. It was
drinkable all the way, just best at full city for me.
John - Deep Southern Texas  GO GIANTS!!

3) From: Jim Schulman
Monkey blend is monkey blend, I'm bot sure what you mean by blending it for 
different degrees of roast. According to Tom's notes it's designed for a dark 
full city, light Vienna roast, and it seems a touch bright to me at lighter 
In general, bright origin flavors (fruit flavors, tangy aromas) peak at City 
roasts, and deep roast flavors (caramel, chocolate, smoke, spice, etc) peak at 
Vienna roasts. Full City roasts are compromises to get balanced origin and 
roast flavors; if one of these poles is more valuable to you than the other, 
pick the roast that maximizes it. At too light a roast, even the origin 
flavors are undeveloped and sour, and at too dark a roast, even the roast 
flavors get bitter and boring. 
Check Tom's notes, he almost always describes the origin and roast flavors of 
the beans he sells
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4) From: Becky and Nikos
I did kinda what John did and was wondering if anyone else did it in a
prescribed deliberate way. Not just for MB, but for a single variety as
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5) From: jim gundlach
When I roast in a wok, I often create a bracketed roast by taking the 
coffee out of the wok and putting it out on the griddle to cool at 
three or four different stages during the roasting.  I find that the 
Timor Organic Aifu is improved by a bracket roast more than the Uganda 
Budadirir AA-S.  They are the only ones I've tried it with so far.
Jim Gundlach
La Place, Alabama which is officially not a place.
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