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Topic: the poor canuck relations.......... (6 msgs / 183 lines)
1) From: John Abbott
   We feel your pain! The sad thing is that the beans have already had an
import tax levied in the states, then the Provincial guys jump on it.
Although I felt you pain, I had to chuckle over the story as you related it.
I'm way far to out of range for your offer, but I sure would accept if I
were still living in the frozen north (Indiana).  If you were sent some
beans as a Christmas present, would you still be subject to the taxes?  You
might want to think about a Christmas list.
Happy cupping - its all worth it when it in the cup.

2) From: Charlie Herlihy
 Susan and other fellow Canuks-there should be no duty or tax of
any kind on green coffee beans coming into Canada. I bring them
in all the time so I keep up with that kind of info. I don't
believe there's any import duty coming into the US, either BTW.
I'm lucky in living close enough to the border that I can have
stuff shipped to just accross in the US and bring stuff in
without paying customs fees, just sales tax on hardware such as
roasters and stuff. Again-no GST or sales tax on coffee, it's a
"food item" and zero rated for GST  We're screwed on the
exchange rate, though, no question.
Charlie in B.C. Canada
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3) From: Jeffrey A. Bertoia
I live in the Detroit area and would be happy to act as a shipping drop 
for you but...
I have already been expelled from Canada for a year about 2-3 years ago 
so bringing
undeclared agricultural products accross the boarder is not something I 
will do.
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4) From: Marc Joseph
I was just in Toronto last weekend, I wish I know about your situation.
I couldn't find a decent cup of coffee the whole time I was there.
susan oppenheim wrote:
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5) From: susan oppenheim
I had my first real experience with the added cost of being on the other
side of north America
the prices are billed to us Canadians on our credit cards at 1.61$ per
yankee dollar
then the shipping was around 20 but it's really around 30$ or even then
some for me
the UPS guy and I renewed our"old friendship" including how many times I
could throw in a 4 letter word after he hit on me for
GST-federal tax
PST-provincial tax
and broker fees
I cut him a cheque for 57$ more.
All this for a Hearthware special roaster.
I hit the 200$ mark
The beans are as everyone has written fabulous as was the service etc.
I must just need a little more whine here with my cheese................
I have never been one to just lay down and accept this stuff without
reinventing the wheel
here is my buzz
is there anyone on this list who would like to come and see Toronto??
I have a double room w/private bath and great coffee and a fantastic
location-the Annex
and parking of course
all you need to do is drive up here and shlep me some green-which I will
even front the money for-
I have not seen anyone in Toronto area offering anything as good as
Sweet Marias and this is a way I can still be a customer and not get
gouged by Canadian bureaucracy
my ears are open............
we are 2 hours from Buffalo
5 hours from detroit
Toronto is a fascinating town
mi casa es su casa
Susan O
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6) From: susan oppenheim
thanks for the invite
if my friends drive here from Detroit it's a go
"Jeffrey A. Bertoia" wrote:
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