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1) From: John Abbott
Sounds like its about time to build a roasting chamber.  My workshop/storage
shed has served in that capacity, but now I'm detecting the smell on some
winter clothing stored in an "air tight" closet.  So I'm working at building
a roasting chest, with exhaust, power monitors etc.  Maybe its something for
you to consider Darren.

2) From: Jeff Faust - Home
Hello everybody,
I've just started roasting my own beans, and I've just joined this list.  My
friends thought I was going overboard when I bought my home roaster.  I
don't think so--after several days of burning beans, I finally started
producing the best coffee I've ever tasted.
Anyway, whenever anybody accuses me of taking it too far, I can just respond
by showing them this list.  I mean, I've been reading the list for one day
and there's people talking about running all of their roasters at once,
which I take to mean more than two.  There's talk of owning over 100 pounds
of green beans.  There's talk of $375 grinders.  And now this: "So I'm
working at building a roasting chest, with exhaust, power monitors".
I don't know if I should be scared or what.  I'm wondering what effect
reading this list will have on my bank account.
I am in awe.
Jeff Faust

3) From: John Abbott
If it helps you relax a bit about the cost of all this great coffee. I do it
on a single Social Security check each month. We have had a couple of
windfalls that went immediately into coffee gear, but for the most part we
just save up - stay off the web pages that tempt me and enjoy great coffee.
I'm retired and this is not only my obsession, it is my hobby and social
recruiting tool.  If my wife EVER added it all up, I would probably have to
surrender my credit card and check book :O)
I started roasting in a steel frying pan with a glass lid, and slowly moved
to the HotTop over about 19 years. So the bug bites softly.  You are
starting in a much better position than most - you already KNOW its going to
get heavy :O)
Happy Roasting and cupping

4) From: jim gundlach
On Wednesday, October 23, 2002, at 02:57 PM, Jeff Faust - Home wrote:
What I do is calculate the *$ value of the items I produce and subtract 
the money I spend.  It is a rare day that I don't produce between $35 
and $50 in *$ bucks and I average less than $100 a month in outlays 
over the long run.  I've yet to run a deficit.
Jim Gundlach
roasting over pecan wood fires in
La Place, Alabama
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5) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Jeff Faust - Home" 
 I don't know if I should be scared or what.  I'm wondering what
Just give Tom & Maria your bank account number and power of attorney, all
should be fine:-)
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
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6) From: Andrew Thomas
--- "Jeff Faust - Home"  wrote:
Be afraid, Jeff. Be very afraid. Your old coffee-life is over. You are caught in a spiral from which you will never return.
:-) Andy
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7) From: EskWIRED
Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  :)
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8) From: Andrew J. Lynn
John Abbott wrote:
What I've been doing for this is setting my Gourmet on the stovetop and 
running the stove exhaust fan.  Works well for the smoke, but the house 
smells of coffee (not necessarily a bad thing).
Another newbie question: (sorry about all the newbie questions, but 
being an enthusiastic newbie and all...)
I have an Estro Vapore cappuccino machine I pilfered from my parents' 
closet (they bought it, probably from Starbucks, used it maybe once and 
gave up cause they couldn't get their milk to froth).  It seems like a 
reasonable basic machine.  I don't have an espresso grinder and don't 
want to spring for one just yet, and from what I've read here it looks 
like the grind is the most important or easiest to screw up step.
Are there any less expensive ways to get a good espresso grind?  Can it 
be done with the hand-crank grinders?  Or something more labor-intensive 
like running the beans through a spinning-blade grinder then sifting out 
the powder and pulverizing the rest with a mortar and pestle?  Is the 
goal simply to grind as finely as possible, or is there a particular 
stopping point you need to hit?
Andy Lynn
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9) From: Rick Farris
Jeff wrote: 
Just stay away from John Abbot and Mike McGinness, Jeff, and you'll be ok.
-- Rick
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10) From: TFisher511
Well Jeff, from now on if you can't come over to one of our places for 
coffee, the only other place you can get good coffee is at home. You have 
expanded your horizons but somewhat limited your life:)
Terry F
at writes:

11) From: R.N.Kyle
What do you mean (being afraid) I jumped right in and took off.  My bank =
said You are overdrawn, I said what do you mean overdrawn, that can't be =
I still have checks :O)
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

12) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Andrew J. Lynn" 
 Are there any less expensive ways to get a good espresso grind?  Can
Zass hand grinders 'can' do great espresso grind from my limited use of Zass
Turkish grinder. Jim (from La Place near Shorter) used his Zass while
waiting for Rocky to arrive and reported great grind. It does take forever
to grind that fine with a Zass!!! I'd be very hesitant to go with a cheaper
hand grinder which having lower quality burr sets. The key to grind quality
is burr quality and for espresso add grind adjustability, Zass hand grinders
are up to it.
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
Limping along with Solis Maestro grindin'
Christmas is coming!!!
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