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1) From:
Hi folks, been out of the loop for a few weeks; pretty busy, just kinda
scanning the headlines, as it were.  Had a thought, so here's a
potentially-interesting question.
What movies can you think of, where coffee is portrayed in a "gourmet"
fashion by a home-roaster or home-brewer?  I can't think of any
home-roasting, but one scene clearly stands out:  an early scene in "Live
And Let Die", the first Bond movie staring Roger Moore.  He has an elaborate
Espresso machine on his kitchen counter, but all the fuss and hissing fails
to impress 'M'.  What's unique for me, is that the machine is prominently on
display, and the center of attention.  BTW, anyone know what the machine
actually is?
Tod -- drinking a just-roasted MJ blend, ran out before I could roast
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2) From: Jim Garlits
Blackhawk Down had a character that ground and brewed in a french press in a
combat zone.

3) From: Angelo
I don't know the name of the movie, but it's the one with Michael Douglas 
and Gwyneth Paltrow (sp?), where he hires a guy to kill her. Anyway, i 
remember seeing a Pavoniesque lever machine, I can't remember, but I think 
she actually pulled a shot from it...
It was a while back, and I wasn't into coffee that much, at the time...
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4) From: Randy Roy
I think the movie was "A Perfect Murder".

5) From: Kenneth S.
Just off the top of my head (I'm a movie dork) I can think of three:
The Talented Mr Ripley w/ Matt Damon and Jude Law
they had a La Pavoni (a new one) back in the 50's/60's in the villa they're in
The Score w/De Niro and Ed Norton (not that good a movie)
DeNiro in a lot of movies lately has espresso machines in his character's kitchen. I think this one was a Solis.
In Original Sin w/ Antonio Banderas & a naked Angelina Jolie, Antonio's character is a coffee exporter and a few scenes are filmed in his warehouse. And Jolie's naked a lot. 
ps- I'm 10 minutes from SM not counting traffic lights or rush hour on the bridge.
tarnim wrote:
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6) From: Steven Van Dyke
No actual coffee preparation or consumption, but in an early scene in the
current release "The Ring" the girls walk through the house's kitchen and
you can clearly see a Capresso C1000 on the counter.  My wife and I noticed
it because that's the unit she bought me as an impul$e birthday gift.
Steve :->
http://www.svandyke.com<- my simple home page
http://www.cafeshops.com/stevespics<- my little store of Impressionist &
Special Events Photography stuff)

7) From: Ben Treichel
Yeah, but it seems like he was using a turkish mill. Not really 
compatible with a french press. He like saying, "its all in the grind".
Jim Garlits wrote:

8) From: M.G.Rich
At www.lapavoni.com you can see clips from two movies with the chrome
"Live and Let Die" (1973) and "A Perfect Murder" (1998)
M.G. Rich, who knows staggeringly little about movies
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9) From: Angelo
Why wouldn't a "Turkish" mill be compatible with French Press. You can open 
those babies wide.. It's what I use for French Press.....
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10) From: Jim Garlits
There was another great line from one of Kevin Kline's movies.  I think it
was January Man or something.  The villan was strangling the beautiful girl,
and Kline, the detective, fought him off, they were pummeling eachother as
they fell down the steps and by the time they got to the bottom, Kline had
him rolled up in the carpet from the stairs, as Kline threw him out onto the
sidewalk, he deadpanned, "Can I get an espresso here?"
Jim G.

11) From: Ben Treichel
I got the impression from the ones that SM sells that they were pre-set 
and not really adjustable. Also I am presuming that a brass colored 
turkish mill was just another good looking movie prop, than amything 
Angelo wrote:
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12) From: Dave Huddle
Check out the photos of the Zassenhaus turkish mill on SweetMarias.com
Quote from Tom:
"You can see the brass lid at the top of the image, and the adjustment screw in 
the foreground --which would be inside the lower grind hopper."
Yep - mine is adjustable.
Dave  	Westerville, OH
just 41 hours from SweetMaria's (about 25 minutes from the ORIGINAL
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