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1) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Jim Garlits" 
Vacuum Ball/Kerr/Mason canning jars using standard dome lids and Tilia
FoodSaver with canning jar attachment. Come in both standard and wide mouth
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
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2) From: John Abbott
I'll add my amen to that!  We have some small Mason jars, larger Ball jars,
and ONE Kerr.  I'm trying to move everything into the small Mason jars
because they store and stack much better than the larger, and they are about
the right size for my attention span (I'm ready for a change pretty
quickly).  One of the best investments we've made in awhile.  We have had a
ton of folks over during the World Series and two of the women ordered Tilia
units on-line from here last night!  Once you see the thing doing its thing
you really can grasp the immense amount of things it can be used on.  We
also have a BUNCH of the canisters (can be purchased from ACE Hardware) for
storing grains and flour - we have a REAL bug problem down here.
John - Packing packing packing - pile em up - move em out - pa  ck

3) From: Bob Trancho
The Tilia IS the Foodsaver Vac.  They are the manufacturer.
Bob Trancho
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4) From: John Abbott
One and the same!

5) From: Rick Farris
Tonya wrote:
I'm not John, but the best place I've found to buy FoodSavers is at CostCo.
Their bundle is about the same cost ($160) as some other sources, but it's
much more complete.
That's for the 1050, anyway.  I think Mike McCoffee found the ProII model at
a good price on eBay.
BTW, Tilia *is* FoodSaver.
-- Rick
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