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1) From: Owen Davies
I have to make a snap decision between buying the only
Home Innovations Precision I expect ever to be able
to lay hands on and buying a Cafe Rosto, which seems
to be a lot less time-sensitive.  It's my first roaster,
and my wife and I both like our coffee French roast,
or near it.  That argues for a Rosto, doesn't it?
The flip side is that we occasionally (too often, at the
risk of sounding unsociable) have guests who don't
appreciate French roast.  Also, I'd be interested in
learning about all those subtle flavors people keep
describing with the lighter roasts.  That seems to 
support buying the HIP.
The problem:  I've been prowling the archives for
much of the last 36 hours, and there have been a lot
of reports of trouble with the HIP.  I understand that
Hearthware is great about dealing with problems,
but it's not clear how well they will be able to handle
things on a unit they can't get anymore.  Also, is the
HIP so much better than the Rosto that I would regret
shying away from the possible hassle of a bad unit?
And there are some interesting posts about how to
manipulate the Rosto for lighter brews.
All this has me thinking that I should just relax and
order the Rosto in a few days, when Tom has them
back in stock.  But I'd absolutely hate kicking myself
for, say, the next 20 years (I have a long memory for
my own mistakes) if it turned out I'd passed on a
wonderful opportunity that will never come by again.
I have a lot of trouble making decisions when there
is no clear downside.  Maybe you noticed?
Thanks to all.
Owen Davies
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2) From: Les & Becky
First this is only a hobby!    Having owned a Precision, and seen a Rosto
used to the max by Mike "McCoffee" McGuiness, it is a no brainer GET THE
ROSTO!  The Rosto is built like a tank!  I have a Precision that is just
about to go out!  It does a nice roast, but they are not made near as well
as the Rosto.  If my Poppery popcorn popper ever dies, I will be getting a
Rosto!  There are many downsides to the HIP.  It will no longer be made.  It
doesn't do dark roasts as well.  It roasts a smaller batch.  There are many
upsides to the Rosto.  It can do lighter batches.  If you go with a Varicac
unit, you can profile roast like the big boys do. There really are no
downsides to the Rosto
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3) From: TFisher511
The new, improved, larger capacity Hearthwares are supposed to be released in 
the not-too-distant future. With that in mind I don't think you need loose 
any sleep if the HIP gets away. It may be a favor in disguise.
I really do like my HIP and use it frequently so this advice is just an 
opinion and not a slam dunk on the HIP. I don't think you can go too far 
wrong either way you decide go.
Terry F
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4) From: EskWIRED
This is a false dilemma.  Buy them both!
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5) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Owen Davies" 
I'm expected to say get the Caffe' Rosto but I won't. GET THEM BOTH!:-)
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
Limping along with Solis Maestro grindin'
Christmas is coming!!!
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6) From: Owen Davies
Like EskWIRED, Mike McGinness recommended:
It's great advice, but:  Ah, if it were only that simple...
Nothing much gets past my wife, and one of these days,
when I've collected the roaster, the vacuum pot and
French press, the grinder, the superautomatic espresso
maker, the 12 tons of beans ... she'll figure out how
much it all cost.  I'll be a lot safer if I stick to one
roaster until the shock has passed.
No doubt it would be easier, but she loves coffee
as much as I do, and her doctor (worried about her
blood pressure) just limited her to two cups a day.
She interprets that as two mugs, but it still irritates
her no end.
Thanks for the advice, everybody.  The Rosto it is.
(who suspects that roasting your own coffee is a
hobby in much the same way as synthesizing
your own Prozac)
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